Memorial Weekend

27 May 2024

Post Pals is celebrating turning 21 with two big events this year. The first event was in April.

We invited our memorial families to join us for a weekend in Southend.

Memorial weekend

Families spent Saturday exploring Southend or going on the rides at Adventure Island before checking into the hotel. In their room, they found a goodie bag with some gifts and an invitation for a holiday from Alice Escapes charity! 

In the evening, we held a 3-course dinner in a beautifully decorated room. Hanging from the blossom trees were stars with the names of all 70 children who’ve passed away, while their favourite songs played in the background. Families filled personalised jars with petals for the next day’s release. We made jewellery and dropped memories and wishes into the wishing well, all while the brothers and sisters ran around together, making friends. An artist drew beautiful pictures that could include the child they were remembering. Some families have gone on to have more children, so having a picture of the whole family together was something very special.

On Sunday families headed to Leigh-on-Sea, some Mums went for a walk on the beach together before heading to The Boatyard restaurant.

Post Pal Mums

We gathered on the decking with the sea beneath us to read out all our memorial Pals names. We had planned to scatter petals into the sea and the big Post Pal jar mostly went into the water but as each family opened theirs, the wind blew and their petals all danced up into the sky, in the most beautiful way.


After the petal release we went inside for lunch, live music and built Lego heart ornaments together.

This was planned to be a one-off event, but before the main course on Saturday had even finished, I think individually the Post Pal team had all looked around the room and realised it won’t be. All the families have asked if we can do it again. They said how wonderful it was to be in a space where they can just talk about their child and be back in the world with people who understand. So many services stop as soon as a child dies, and those that do continue all stop after 2 years.


Thank you’s;


To everyone who donated

Holiday Inn Southend Team, especially Hayley and Laura

Charlotte from Lacey Events for going the extra mile in helping the room look so beautiful

Kirsty from Kirsty Bowks Bespokes

Clarrisa’s Flowers – For donating petals and arranging a donation from Confetti Club

Confetti Club – For kindly donation 10 litres of petals

The Boatyard, especially Ria

Alice Escapes for offering our memorial families a holiday

Nina and the Decibels for raising £623

Thank you to Dawn, Steve, Jill and Henry for their help both with planning and over the weekend. Henry did an excellent job running the children’s activities.

Our very own Ailis who not only put in countless hours of planning and running the weekend but did so much design and crafting to save lots of money and added to the special touches of the event. All the stars, beautiful menu’s, table plan (her husband came home to find the bedroom mirror missing!) and so much more were all handmade by Ailis!





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