When Zachary met the Wiggles…

19 July 2009

Zachary’s family contacted us to say they were hoping to take Zachary to see the Wiggles on tour, but the only tickets they could order were at the back which is a long way from the stage, and was there any chance we might be able to help them buy some tickets nearer the front.

Well, always one for a challenge, we set about making it a day to remember. Not only did we get the tickets near the front donated to them, we also managed to arrange a meet and great with the Wiggles themselves!

Zachary’s Dad said;

…………The Wiggles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much!!!

I am sending two photos from the day – I have left them reasonably large for you to use in ANY way you choose.

Zack had a ball! We were with around 8 or 9 other children at the meet and greet and we were the first they met. Although Jeff (Purple Wiggle) is Zack’s personal favourite, Murry (Red Wiggle) came round the corner first and Zack just gasped and shouted “Look – it’s Murry!”.

When Jeff realised he was favourite, he knelt down and started a brief chat with Zack – that’s when shyness kicked in! It was quite noticeable that all the kids were quiet and a little shy!

Then it was into the arena for the show and an hour or so of bliss for Zack!

So, once again, many thanks for all you did – it is soooooooo appreciated!

A big thank you to Birmingham NIA, Kevin, and the Wiggles themselves.

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Long overdue update

08 July 2009

This is a very long over due update about Post Pals and the kids, please take a moment to read.

Firstly I need to appologise about how behind I am, I had a relapse which took a few months to recover from, but then over did it at the party which is going to take me a long time to get over.

Moving on to Post Pal matters…

Most of the kids didn’t get much post in June. The summer is upon us (although it is hard to believe with the weather at the moment) and from personal experience I know how hard it is when everyone is out in the sun having fun and you’re not well enough to join in. As lots of people send postcards back to family and friends from their holiday, I was hoping they might pick up an extra card for a pal. So if your going away, please write down an address and take it with you, and ask family and friends to do the same. Let’s see how many countries we can send cards from and you can let us know by leaving a message in our guestbook.

Lots of kids need TLC at the moment, including;

Alice P – is in Alder Hey for more treatment, her address will be on her page soon (she is on the Teenage Oncology Ward).

Daisy N – is in Great Ormond Street, this is now her 10th month in hospital although they are hoping to be allowed home on the 22nd July.

Daniel A – is spending a lot of time in hospital due to intensive chemo.

Kian B – is going in for his transplant on the 13th July and I will post the details of what he can and can’t be sent just beforehand.

Madison P – is very ill in hospital, plus her cancer has spread and there is nothing more they can do.

Megan H – is recovering from spinal surgery.

We had the party at the weekend which went really well and everyone had a lovely time. Luckily the weather was lovely and the rain stayed away. I will write it up properly soon and share some pictures of the day. Thank you to everyone who helped, attended or voted for us to win the money to hold it. A very special thank you to Jan for letting us have the party at her house and for organising so much of it. More soon!

That’s all for the moment, please keep sending smiles to the kids!

Take care, Vikki

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