These Pals are in need of extra support at the moment.

About - William S

William has just had a heart valve replaced and he is currently in intensive care recovering

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About - Malachi T

Malachi's tumour has grown and they are decided if he will need chemotherapy. Malachi's older brother has also been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

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About - Mason F

Mason's proton treatment has not worked and he is deteriorating

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About - Sophie G

Proton therapy didn’t work, her brain tumour has grown and it’s felt any more treatment will just do more damage. Sophie is mostly bedbound and is on palliative care.

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About - Tayen G

Tayen has re-started chemotherapy as her tumour was badly effecting her quality of life. It isn’t curative but they hope it will ease some of her symptoms

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About - Anoosha M

Anoosha is always in hospital due to constant sepsis. She is listed for a multivisceral (5 organs) transplant.

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