Fundraising details

Post Pals is always in need of people to fundraise for us and we can make good use of any amount. Just £1.50 enables us to buy and send a postcard and in turn create a smile. Larger amounts can be used to send larger gifts to help Pals and their families through a difficult time.

Here are a few example of ways money raised for us has been put to use in the past:

We used money to make personalised pillowcases for all Pals and their siblings.

Your money has also enabled us to set up the very successful Dottie the Dalmatian scheme. Our younger Pals receive regular colourful newsletters from Dottie the Dalmatian about her adventures and each family has their own littermate of Dottie and are encouraged to have their own adventures and send photos in to Dottie that she then puts in her blog or newsletter.

Other things that money raised has been used for include balloon bouquets for Pals and siblings going through a difficult time, craft packs for children in hospital, as well as comfort boxes for parents that are in hospital with their child for a long period of time.

Post Pals also have pin badges with our logo on and purple wristbands (both child and adult size) for sale through our Post Pals shop page.

We collect used stamps too (first, second, foreign and old), which are then sold on ebay. If possible, there should be a 1cm border of envelope around the stamp. We also have posters, which can be placed in schools, work places, shops etc.

Post Pals is registered as a charity with ebay so when buying or selling you can select Post Pals from the list of charities and a percentage will be donated direct to us.

Of course, we also have our Donate page on the website with ways you can donate to help us keep on raising smiles for our Pals.

A big thank you to those who have raised money for Post Pals.