January smiles

25 February 2020

Every January we send a balloon to every single child we support to brighten up such a dull month. We are never sure what creates the most joy- balloons or the giant boxes they come in?


Here is a small selection of the 2020 balloon and box smiles!




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Valentines Love

15 February 2019

We decided to spread the love this valentines day by sending a fun valentines themed balloon bouquet to the Pals. These cost £15 each and the joy was priceless.

We know when we sent things like balloon bouquets in big boxes that the children will have so much fun with boxes and this time was no exception!

We think Ava’s big smile and laugh says it all
Balloon costs – £15
The smiles – PRICELESS

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January Disney Fun

15 February 2019

Shop Disney kindly donated 48 lovely Mickey Mouse toys to Post Pals through In Kind Direct. We decided to use some funds to purchase balloons, confetti, ribbons and boxes and present Mickey a little differently…

A massive thank you to Jo who spent so long working on this, it wouldn’t of been possible without her and also a thank you as always to In Kind Direct and Shop Disney

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Orbeez fun

04 October 2018

For an extra smiles send out we did Orbeez. Tiny beads that swell in water and can be played with in so many ways and feel really wonderful against your skin. We sent enough to make many many bowl fulls!

Skylah AidanRowan



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Helping worries

03 October 2018

We know lots of our Pals suffer from anxiety, even those who don’t have worries so in June we decided to have a worry themed month.

Depending on a child’s age and likes we sent fairy worry plaques, worry monsters or creative journals. 

‘A fairy magic changes red to green, gone are your worries, never to be seen’

Issy worryIsla worry

Worry Monsters are cuddly toys, you write your worries on paper and then the monster eats them all up. We sent these to lots of children and Malachi’s mum sent us this message;

“Malachi has been suffering with Mental health issues for over a year and he is under the national Camhs team because our local services assessed him as being “to complex” as he was diagnosed with suicidal ideation, he’s also under weekly private counselling he hasn’t been in school since before Easter due to anxiety & stress causing him serious physical health problems but today this little worry monster turned up on our doorstep sent by Post Pals!

What a blessing this is as Malachi decided he could put his worry’s in and once the monster has eaten them all up he will zip the mouth shut and there gone then once his belly is full malachi with my help will burn the worries away!

What an amazing fantastic little practical way to help him, with all the top professionals involved this has got to be the best practical way we have had to help him! 

Thank you Post Pals your always so amazing”

Malachi Worry

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Lego Joy!

03 October 2018

Through In Kind Direct Post Pals was able to purchase tens of thousands of pounds worth of Lego for around £3000. This was still a big chunk of our donations but we know how much all our Pals love Lego and that normally we can’t afford to send it.

Post Pals HQ turned into a Legostore with Dawn and Steve unable to move in the living room or garage and becoming Lego experts, one would shout a kit number and the other would fetch it and package it for the child we had assigned it too! 

The smiles say everything….

Matilda LEgo

Rowan Lego

Sam lego

Harry Lego

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Kennedy’s trip to Peppa Pig World

01 November 2017

In October we sent Kennedy to Peppa Pig World.

Kennedy and her siblings were sent with an ‘Extra Smiles’ card with a little bit of spending money and a message telling them they are going to Peppa Pig World. We sent them for the weekend, staying in a lovely hotel at the bottom of the drive of the park and with spending money for travel and food, and of course tickets for 2 days park fun!

Kennedy cards

They had an amazing time, I think the smiles say it all.


Kennedy 2

Kennedy 3
If you would like to donate towards another child’s Extra Smile we have a Justgiving page for it here

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Kennedy’s Wish

14 August 2017

Kennedy has been fighting Leukaemia since November 2015. Since then she has had been through lots of treatment, below is a picture of her with her bravery beads. Every single bead is either a treatment (chemotherapy, surgery etc) or a procedure (lumber puncture, port access etc).

Kennedy beads

Kennedy loves Peppa Pig and would love to go to Peppa Pig World. The whole family have had a difficult year and so we would like to send them for the weekend, to have some time away together and lots of fun.

Kennedy family

The total cost for 2 days in the park, a stay at the lovely Mortimer Arms p, food, travel and £15 spending money for each child comes to £385

If you could help sponsor this wish we have a wish fund donation page here

Thank you



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Aaron’s wish for a hot tub

27 July 2017

Aaron has Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and often ends up ventilated in intensive care when he catches an infection.

Aaron with Mickey

His Post Pals wish is for a hot tub as it would make him smile (and he has a BIG smile!) but also because it would be so good for his painful muscles and lung function.


Tesco current have them reduced to £335, could you donate towards one? When we reach our total check back to this page to see him relaxing in it! If an individual or company sponsors it we can put up a link to your site.

hot tub

The link to donate is here 



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Izzy’s wish for a unicorn

25 July 2017

Izzy has been in hospital for the past 17 weeks under going intensive chemotherapy.

Her wish to Post Pals was for ‘a fluffy unicorn’ and Shamyla kindly granted that wish, sending a huge snuggly unicorn, tattoos and some other goodies.

We think judging by her smile she loves it!!


Izzy unicorn

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