Mason F

07 May 2016

Story written 2016

Mason was diagnosed with a brain tumour in April 2010. Since then he has endured several operations and over two years of chemo. In April 2015, Mason and his family went to America for proton treatment. We have just found out that this hasn’t worked and Mason’s tumour is terminal.

Mason’s mobility and eyesight have become worse over the years.  Mason sleeps a lot now and his short term memory has been affected by the proton therapy. Mason now has seizures and is on a lot of medication. Mason has been through a lot over the six years he has been ill.

Update 23rd July 2023

We’re sad to say Mason passed away last night with his family around him. 

Update 14th June 2021

Masons been struggling with his mobility and seizures and been very stressed about transition to college in September. Scarlett starts high school in September, Kloie starts year 11 and Amelie starts full time school in September too. Thank you for all you do

Update 21st April 2021

Mason is back at school 2 short days which is enjoying. His seizures aren’t great and his been struggling with mobility. We are glad the suns starting to shine so we can go out in the garden. 

Kloie has gone back to dance and Scarlett starts high school sept and Amelie is starting reception. Huge thank you to the lovely gifts that have arrived for the 4 of them

Update 20th August 2020

Mason has been struggling this year, mainly with seizures and mobility the most. His walking has taken a huge step backwards and he’s struggling daily with this now. Seizures are just a constant pain, we never get to have a break from them. Mason has monthly hormone injections and is due his 6 monthly MRI in early October.

Due to the amount of seizure meds Mason is on he tires very quickly and sleeps over 8/10 hours a day. This has a big impact on the girls and family life as obviously we then need to stay at home with Mason. So on a good day we try to do something nice, with all the children. Memories are the best, especially as a whole family 

Update 1st October 2019

Mason is still plodding on and we have an MRI coming up in the middle of October, this is always a anxious and stressful time. Masons mobility and seizures haven’t been great. 

Update 14th February 2019

Mason has been struggling with seizures and was very poorly before Christmas. He’s finally starting to regain some strength and having a few better days.  We have an upcoming MRI and appointments to discuss things further.

Update 20th October 2018

Mason had surgery yesterday on his eye, he had to stay in hospital due to his haemophilia and needing factors to help with the clotting. We have an MRI coming up in November and this will determine what the plan is next. Mason has been loving his post he has had. He is really liking speedway, police interception and listening to music. He had some amazing Ed Sheeran tickets for his birthday, so he’s extremely excited for this. Mason has nearly completed the whole 18 months of chemo. He has managed a few full days at school. Mason has some pretty rubbish days due to mobility and seizures.

Update 9th October 2017

Mason is currently on chemo. He is struggling with this and finding it very tiring. His moods aren’t great and doesn’t get to do much as he tires very easily.

Update 28th April 2017

We have been in Addenbrookes since last night. Mason had a bleed on the brain again and a large cystic growth so that’s the reason why he’s been so poorly.

Mason will undergo brain surgery first thing in the morning. Please keep Mason in your thoughts whilst he goes through all this and the recovery process.

Update 28th January 2017

Mason is pretty much the same, we have been trying to control the seizures and are struggling with getting the right mixture of medicines. Mason has been attending his new special needs school more and enjoying swimming at school. Masons mobility still isn’t great and he’s still having issues with his vision. He’s plodding along, he sleeps a lot now due to seizures medications and the tumour.

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