Precious Memories Appeal – Covid Update

18 August 2020

Post Pals has an adventure planned for our families but we have lots of funds to raise! As a volunteer home run charity, every penny you donate will be spent on our families.

Post Pals is taking families GLAMPING! For a themed experience inside a theme park. This was meant to happen in summer 2020 but due to Covid we have had to delay, which was a bit of a relief as we were only half way to our fundraising target! Chessington kindly refunded our deposit and we have ring fenced the money so we can book again as soon as it’s safe.

Every family invited either has a seriously ill child or has had a child pass away. Lots of the families we support spend large amounts of time split up due to one child being in hospital with a parent and the other back home, so we want to give them chance to create precious memories together. For some of our children, who are connected to ventilators, multiples pumps, and monitors they would never be able to go camping. But with your help we’re going to make it possible for them to have this fun childhood experience.

And it’s so much more than just glamping. It’s a chance for isolated people to make friends, to be around others going through similar things, and most importantly, to create precious family memories away from hospitals.

This fun weekend includes;

-An exclusive camp site with lots of space for kids to run around and an area with games

-Tents with mains power and real beds

-Wild Asia (Part of the theme park) exclusive for 2 hours, one hour of The Kobra ride and one hour of the Dodgems and both hours with the Mayhem house where people run around shooting balls at each other

-An exclusive buffet restaurant (will double up as a play area if the weather is bad)

-A fun childrens entertainer

-An outdoor cinema (weather dependant)

-1 hour unlimited fast pass when the park opens on Sunday morning

-All meals across the 2 days

-2 days in Chessington World of Adventures theme park

The cost for a family of 4 to enjoy this amazing experience is £450. If you sponsor or raise the full cost of a family’s tent we’ll name the tent in your honour by hanging a sign on the tent with your/your group or business name on so each family knows who made their special trip possible. You might even get a photo of the family with their tent as a memento!

And don’t just take our word on what a difference your donation will make. Hear from some of our families;

In 2016 we went to Chessington with Post Pals. We had a wonderful family weekend and made new friends during the trip. Our son Owen was going through a painful time this year but he thrived when he was with others in a similar situation to his. His sister Olivia also loved this trip, loved the accommodation we had, and enjoyed the company with other Post Pals families. In 2018 my daughter went on a trip with Post Pals and had a fantastic time. Her brother was going through too much pain at this point so unfortunately couldnt attend. She loved everything she did with Post Pals that weekend including a create the largest ice cream competition. Later on that year it was planned we would go as a family of 4 on a trip again with Post Pals but unfortunately Owen passed away suddenly. We did still go on the trip as a family of 3 with Post Pals in memory of Owen. Although a sad time as it was the first time going anywhere without Owen, Olivia had a fantastic time and went on the Vampire ride at least 5 times during that weekend. I would like to thank Post Pals for the wonderful family weekends we’ve had. They have created some very wonderful old and new memories.”

Owen and Oliva at Chessington

Please consider sponsoring or fundraising £450 so a family can join this very special Post Pals trip. Give children the chance to enjoy camping, and families the chance to enjoy precious time together, creating memories that will last for a long time afterwards, bringing comfort even on harder days.

Give families the gift of a glamping trip today. Help them escape with an exclusive break when it matters most. 


Our Justgiving page

Holly at Chessington

List of sponsored tents (we will regularly update this)

1. Sponsored in remembrance of Jack Edwards for a memorial family

2. Sponsored in remembrance of Jack Edwards for a memorial family

3. Sponsored in remembrance of Jack Edwards for a memorial family

4. Sponsored by Fearne Cotton

5. Sponsored by Emma and Sue from Ecclesiastical

6. Craft auction in remembrance of Maisy McClay

7. Craft auction in remembrance of Maisy McClay

8. Sue Morgan

9. Lyn Clifton

10. Mike and Anna

11. Virtual Runner and Hannah W

12. Isla J Birthday

13. Vikki George Birthday

14. Malachi, Shamyla and Jo Birthdays

15. Birthday donations

16. Birthday donations

17. Craft auction in remembrance of Maisy McClay

18. Craft auction in remembrance of Maisy McClay

19. Sam Morgan and Malachi

20. Lorna Hannigan and Vicky Bolton

21. Kristina and Chris Turner

22. Reena and in Rocco’s memory 

23. In Memory of Victoria Tremlette 

24. In Memory of Victoria Tremlette

25. In Memory of Victoria Tremlette

26. In Memory of Victoria Tremlette

27. Nicole B Birthday

28. Nicole B Birthday

29. Nicole B and Heidi Birthday

30. Allied Mobility 

31. Allied Mobility 

32. Allied Mobility 

33. Allied Mobility 

34. Allied Mobility 

35. Allied Mobility

36. Allied Mobility, Malachi and Zara

37. Kate and Rachel H

38. The People’s Friend magazine readers 

































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Russell Howard’s Good News 10 years on

02 August 2020

10 years ago Post Pals was the good news feature at the end of ‘Russell Howard’s Good News’. We really hoped some of the viewers might decide to visit Post Pals and make a child smile. Maybe a handful of viewers would, we had no idea how the feature would change Post Pals!

On the day of the show our website crashed during the ending credits as so many people had logged on! Thousands of people sent an email to the Pals to make them smile, over £1000 was donated through our PayPal (an all time record for donations!) and then a week later photos rolled in from the families of their children surrounded by post with the HUGEST smiles on their face! Every time the show was repeated for a few years we would know simply by the increase in smiles being sent to the children.

With the donations we were able to launch our pillowcase project. Every Post Pals child (over 100 of them)had an artist design a pillowcase for them, often the child was made into a fairy or were playing with their favourite character. It was a project we had wanted to do for a long time but didn’t have the funds. All these years later many of the children still use their pillowcase, lots of them keep it in their hospital bag and have never been in hospital since without it!


As well as an increase in volunteers (many of our current volunteers first heard about us from Good News) we also had more families with a seriously ill child hear about us and apply to join. One of them was Holly. We were able to send post to Holly and her sister for 9 and half years, they came every year to our annual party, had a weekend trip with us to Chessington World of Adventures where we had a ride stopped and helped with lifting equipment so Holly could have her first theme park ride experience at the age of 15. During a 7 month intensive care admission Holly’s sister Ruby was struggling after being apart from both her Mum and sister for so long. We had Ruby and her Mum come to Chessington to spend some quality time together and Ruby had lots of fun with 2 other girls who had very unwell siblings, they all understood what each other have been through. We raised funds to grant the families with of a big party for Holly’s sweet 16th. Sadly earlier this year Holly passed away, we will continue to support Ruby and her parents for as long as she needs it. If they hadn’t been watching the show they would never of heard of Post Pals!

Holly at Chessington

Holly is just one of the many stories of how being featured on the show enabled us to help so many more people. It’s amazing how much a 2 minute segment could change our charity so much! We can never thank Russell, the producer of the show and everyone who logged on and donated or sent a smile to a child enough!

Holly and Ruby

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Zoom sessions with seriously ill children

02 August 2020

Since our families started shielding Post Pals has held as many play sessions on Zoom for the families as we can as all the children we support are even more isolated than before.

We have had dolls tea parties and Lego sessions, as well as a session for all the Post Pals pets! Our patron Fearne Cotton recently held a drawing session which the children all loved, the kids chatted while creating aliens and sea creatures.

We are looking to hold twice weekly sessions through August and would love to find some people who the children would recognise to join us! It could be a Youtuber who chats to the kids about Minecraft, someone who can have the children singing or creating some music, an artist doing some drawing, a talent judge letting each child do a small performance, we also have a Harry Potter quiz planned (no set date) and would love someone from the Harry Potter universe to join us. If you spare an hour to make the children smile it would be really appreciated. My email to volunteer is

Thank you!

Art work from Fearne’s session

Lewis Zoom


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