Thank you!

06 January 2008

As we move onto another new year we thought it was time to reflect back on 2007 which has been an amazing time for Post Pals.

During the past year we have supported 105 children, making them smile day in day out no matter how hard life has been. Jack S‘s mum recently said:

It’s a fab organisation that brightens the day of a child who can’t understand why life’s not great some days. Jack knows that whatever treatment or procedure he has to have he will always have Posty to look forward to!

When Jack B relapsed and his cancer was rapidly spreading around his body his Mum updated us to say;

Despite everything his moment of happiness has not been deprived to him… that moment being when ‘the postman’ arrives. More than ever we now appreciate the cards that are still arriving. In an effort to keep that sought after smile, we have taken to ‘drip feeding’ him the cards. A few in the morning after breakfast, a few more at lunchtime and few more in the afternoon… It is the little things in life that give the most pleasure. Those cards mean much more to us than most could realise. They keep us – his parents – alive too.

The success of Post Pals rests on one thing – people like yourselves logging on and sending a card, letter, small gift, donation, email etc. Those kind words you have sent have brought comfort, built self confidence, given hope, broken through isolation and most of all created very large grins.

So onto the Thank you’s;

Kate for keeping the Pals pages up to date and doing our feedback forms, Richard for being our Webguru and fixing anything that goes wrong with the site, creating new pages as well as hosting Post Pals for free, Sandra Dave and Carol M for their beautiful handmade cards as well as members of Do CraftsCollette who has taken on a big job of creating packs for groups and doing sessions with Guides about Post Pals, Nicky Walker and Kathryn Dickinson who have helped with a vartiey of jobs. Sue C for running Make and Give to kids – a craft group making things for Post Pals, Rebecca at Lottery Good Causes who has helped us with publicity and raising awareness, Dawn for her help with coverage, members of Money Saving Expert for all the visitors to our site form their forum, Tony Britton for helping us raise awareness both of ME and Post Pals.

Also to Georgies Fund, Project Linus, Kids Who Care, Dabbles and Doodles, Angels for Hope, Robyn Brooks Trust and Dreams Come True.

Moonpig who kindly let us send their amazing personalised cards without charge, you can see one of the End of Chemo style cards we send hereBambino Baby who continue to send handmade gifts and cheerful emails every month to Pals as well as recruiting new volunteers. Bizzy Balloons who have been supporting us longer than any other company and send our balloon bouquets to children who need some extra TLC. Chartland Electronics for fundraising and general support. Free post 4 U who donate envelopes and postage stamps as well as telling all their e-list about us, Sparkling Strawberry for donating bright pink wigs, Diggerland for making Darin’s dream come true, Debbie Bone for their donation and offer of a cake in the future. Dawn and Steve George for putting up with Post Pals taking over their house (it looks like a mix between a mail room and the North Pole), endless trips to the post office and taking numerous phonecalls, Cliff Rogers for also doing endless trips to the postoffice, Jenny Christian for spending 6 solid hours wrapping presents at Christmas, Fearne Cotton for sending post, being our Patron and for the tickets to TV shows, Beccy for the theatre tickets, Jack M’s Grandparents and Mrs Glaze who raised the most money ever donated to Post Pals.

To the schools from UK, Spain and Japan who have got involved as well as the Brownie’s and Guides who work hard to create smiles and St Matthews Sunday School in Chelston who regualarly send post.

To the following for sending post recenty, Maria Carney, Debbie Robinson, Rebecca Butler, Helen and Gilliam Brierly, Lu, Mike Bright, the whole Barrett family, Leslie Phillips, Jeff Foxley, Julie Ashton, Amanada Fraser, Sarah Bentley, Judith VIlkauskas, Karen, Jen, Jenn Houston, Karen Reece-May, Hayley Thorn, Callum and Berenice, Tom Smith, Susanna Wilde, Lucia,Becki Luscombe, Capricia Peart, Helen Turner, Jane Kent, Laura H’s friend, Jane Kent, Lucy Clark, Holly Lane, Marjolijn van Vliet, Ceilia Foot, Merry, sarah gilligan, Sophie P, Sian, Rachel Laws, Debbie Robinson, our mystery lady from Isreal, Anna, Rebekah Morley. A very special thank you must go out to the parents of our Pals (and often the Pals themselves) who some how find the time to write to other children featured. To Pals Chloe G and Laura H who spend so many hours making cards, writing letters and sending emails to other Pals to make their day and never forgetting a birthday – Laura even donated her pocket money to buy stamps.

I know there are so many people I’ve missed out of this update and I’m sorry about that, but we appreciate every single thing that people have done for Post Pals during 2007. You have all helped bring sunshine during dark days.

We hope that everyone has a happy 2008 and once again, THANK YOU!

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