Post Pals Charity Single – ‘Walking In The Air’

22 December 2010

A beautiful version of the festive favourite, ‘Walking In The Air’, is available to download on iTunes now in aid of Post Pals.

The stunning vocals of 12 year old St James’s Palace chorister, Archie Buchanan, are set against the haunting melodies of the well-loved tune, making ‘Walking In The Air’ a timeless classic that children and adults alike can enjoy.

Archie, who also sings with Finchley Children’s Music Group and is one of ten children of the Chapel Royal had a very personal and poignant reason for supporting the Post Pal single and said;

I know what it’s like to see someone in your family get very ill and not get better as my Dad died of cancer two years ago and at about the same time as I began this recording, my 5 year old cousin Malachi was diagnosed with cancer on his eye. He’s currently having chemotherapy but has also got to have radiation therapy. Malachi has two brothers and a sister and it’s really hard for his whole family but they’ve had lots of support from friends and everyone’s been doing things to try to help make it less horrible and difficult for them.

It’s really good to know that this single will raise money for such a good cause. There are lots of families out there who have a very ill child but don’t have much support and I think it’s great that Post Pals can help cheer them up with letters and cards from new friends and let them know that other people are thinking of them.

‘Walking In The Air’ is available to download for 79p now! Please spread the word and let all your loved ones know too.

The single can be downloaded directly from here. Why not show your support and snap up this exclusive single as an extra gift for a loved one just in time for Christmas?

All money raised from single downloads will help bring smiles to sick children across the country – thank you!

For more information please contact: Laura Mitchell –

Also, if anyone knows of any media figures of celebrities who might be able to help publicise this single or the work of Post Pals in general please contact me as I am working to get more national press coverage for Post Pals in future.

Have a very Merry Christmas! xx

Promotional Images:

Official single cover for ‘Walking In The Air’ featuring pal Jaz who gained her angel wings on 6th November 2010.

Archie Buchanan – child soloist featured on the ‘Walking In The Air’ single.
Picture by kind permission of Simon Weir. If using this image, please credit Simon.

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Why we include Pals siblings

01 December 2010

At Post Pals we like to include brothers and sisters and have done from day one. Dominic B’s Mum eloquently explains what they go through and how your post helps (thanks Renata).

Dominic has been in hospital for 4 and a half months. He goes through so much and constantly amazes me with his courage and humour. Since I have been sharing his journey with Post Pals and those who visit the site I have been constantly amazed that day afer day we have had the pleasure of being reminded how much kindness still exists is the world.

Each and every letter and parcel that people send brightens his day. What perhaps goes unsaid all too often is how his being in hospital affects his brother and sister. Yes it’s awful for any child to be in hospital for a long time, or to live with disabilities or chronic health problems, but there is a different challenge faced by the siblings. In my family certainly, I think life is currently much harder for them in many ways. It’s easy to think that the children that remain at home when a child is ill and in hospital are lucky to be in good health and surrounded by their toys and home comforts. But I doubt, if anyone actually asked them, if they would feel lucky at all. For my two older children the most important thing in their life has been stolen away, as Mummy stays with Dominic in the hospital. The security, the bedtime kisses, the brushed hair in the morning and special way they like their breakfast is all snatched away as well. They are passed from one person to another in an effort to keep their basic needs met and they get only a phonecall at night to tell Mummy everything, when they try and be brave, but always say the same thing ‘I just want you to come home Mummy’.

So yes Dominic undoubtedly benefits enormously from each smile that arrives in his hospital room and brightens his day, but the rest of the time he has me for all the kisses and cuddles he needs. He has nurses making a fuss and all the attention from the doctors who adore him. Attention is something that unfortunately is often over looked in the desperate struggle to organise childcare and keep life as ‘normal’ as possible for the other two. It often feels like Lilia and Elliot are the forgotten heroes in all of this. Bravely getting on with things, their true feelings only showing in the early hours when they can’t stop sobbing for Mummy.

Life will continue to be difficult for all the children when we return. Desperate to spend time with them and spoil them, but so busy caring for their little brother they will carry on making sacrifices. They sacrifice so much for their little brother both when he is in hospital and when we are home, they accept that we cannot do what their friends do and that nothing is ever ‘definitely’ going to happen, as you never know with a child like Dominic, and they have been disappointed too many times.

Post Pals is one charity that doesn’t forget about the brothers and sisters who are quietly and less obviously brave and coping with emotions and situations that would break most adults. The utter delight when they get letters and parcels that are addressed to them or include them has caused me to shed a tear on more than one occassion. They deserve the smiles just as much as Dominic, and I truly think it makes being the brave older brother or sister that little bit easier.

So a heartfelt thank you to each and every person who has taken the time to post something that has brought such a lot of joy to all of my family, each smile is one more moment when they get to be the carefree children that they should be.

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