Pals moving on

08 February 2008

Hello, there have been some changes to Post Pals this month with lots of families ‘Moving on’, so post can be sent to those who need it the most as unfortunately most Pals didn’t receive much post in January.

Moving on are Christian B and Toby B as they are off treatment and in remission. Faye T and Nicole D move on as they are over 18. Hannah T, Jessica R, Karah D and Lucy P as their health is stable and Nicole B who was the first girl to join.

With Nicole leaving it now means we no longer have any of our original 5 Pals. I’m pleased to say though that James R and Simon H finished their 3 and half years of chemotherapy. Matty W has remained in remission, moved to France, and as of the 1st of February is medication free. Nicole B is cancer free but she will continue to star on our leaflets. Sadly, Jamie R who was the third child to join passed away, but both he and the other Pals will always very much be part of Post Pals. It wasn’t easy starting up an organisation especially with our own health restrictions, but our first 5 Pals really spurred us on and inspired us to keep going.

If you used to write to one of the above Pals please consider writing to a “Current Pal” instead who is still in need of support, but THANK YOU to everyone who has supported them through the years.

A quick thank you also to Cara, Sarah, April, Katie and Fiona for making sure that all the Pals and siblings received a valentines card.

To keep up to date with the goings on of Post Pals please see our e-group, there is also a poll on there to decide what age range we send post to siblings and we would like to know your opinion.

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