Families moving on

29 January 2009

We have lots of families moving on from Post Pals this month – either because they are doing very well or no longer feel they need the support. We will slowly be updated their pages, but the following familes are moving on:

Alex H’s siblings, Nathan V’s sister Jessica, Abbie’s brother Jamie, Jack M, Emma C, David M, Armani M and Alex William H. Siblings of current children will also move on when they turn 16.

Thank you to everyone who has sent a smile to the families over the years, you made a big difference. If you are currently writing to one of the children above, please consider sending post to a current child in need of some smiles instead.

Nathan’s Mum sent an email to say;

I had a chat with Jess and we both think it’s time to take Nathan and Jess off the active Post Pals site. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it has been having Post Pals in our lives. You brought sunshine into what was to be Nathan’s last and unfortunately darkest last few months. The excitement of opening that huge box of Thomas balloons in his hospital room and the countless cards, letters and messages which he loved to open, will always be amongst our best memories of Nathan. He couldn’t read but he pretended to read his cards anyway because he knew they all said, ‘hope you get better soon.’ There were surprise presents too, not forgetting Chemo Duck of course.

Then after Nathan died, when Jessica became an only child again, it was Post Pals who reminded her that she wasn’t alone. Although the last two years have been unimaginably tough without Nathan, not only have you given us both amazing support, but I think the whole ethos behind Post Pals has set such a good example to Jess which she’ll be able to take forward into her adult life. Thank you doesn’t come close to how grateful we are to you all at Post Pals, but thank you anyway!

Thank you from everyone at Post Pals.

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5 o’clock news!

14 January 2009

Tune in to Channel 5 tomorrow for the 5pm news – Post Pals is going to be featured!

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Nominate Post Pals for funds

09 January 2009

Hello, Waitrose have a scheme in place where every month they share £1000 between 3 good causes nominated by members of the public.

I’ve nominated us to my local branch (Cobham) but was hoping that some of our volunteers might nominate us to theirs. All you need to do is go into the store and ask at the ‘welcome desk’ for a community funding form. The form has 3 small sections, for name of project, why your nominating it and contact details. You then drop it back in to the welcome desk and cross your fingers!

It is meant for local projects but I know national charities have also benefitted. I would suggest mentioning you volunteer for it (or your child benefits from it/a local Pal benefits from it), and maybe paperclipping a poster or leaflet to it.

Every month they choose 3 projects and then shoppers are given a token to put in the slot of their chosen project. £1000 is then shared out depending on how many tokens have been given etc.

It could be a really simple way for us to boost our income. The more money we have, the more post we can send – it really does make a difference. Just this week, thanks to donations, we have been able to send fun kids books out (selected from a list by the parents so we know the child will like it), and next week they will be receiving fiberoptic finger lights. With 120 children though costs soon add up.

The form took me about 2 minutes to fill in, it is that short!

Thank you!

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