Alice meets Cesar Millan!

24 March 2010

Nothing can take away from the sadness we are all feeling at the moment, knowing 3 Post Pal families lost a child in just one week. However, I wanted to share some nice news from another family.

One of Alice P’s dreams for a long time has been to meet Cesar Millan and his best friend, American Pit Bull, Daddy. Sadly, Daddy passed away just a few weeks ago, but with lots of emails and phone calls by lots of people, her dream came true!

We didn’t know if it would be possibly to meet Cesar and if Alice would be well enough, so we tried at first to get an autograph. Our treasuer, Jan, went to one of his shows and gave a card (a dog one of course), a print out of some of Alice’s page, and a note saying she would love to hear from him. We crossed our fingers he would send it and last week Alice opened her post to find a card from none other than Cesar himself! She was over the moon and said she wanted it framing… however she didn’t know what was to come!

Alice had been told she was having a weekend away in Liverpool to go shopping as its near the hospital “just incase”. After a rest at the hotel she (like everyone else) was looking at a huge white Hummer which was parked outside. Her Mum said she deserved to get to their dinner reservation in style! An hour of disco lights and extremely loud music later, they arrived at the Echo Arena. Her parents then told Alice ad Milly that they were going to see the Cesar show and she was so excited to have VIP front of house tickets. In the interval, Cesar’s assistant came out to call Alice who was well and truly speechless! They were all invited backstage into Cesar’s dressing room and he was so sweet with the girls. Alice hardly spoke a word!

Here is a lovely photograph of them together.

A special thank you to everyone who sent emails left right and center, to Elaine from the Thomas Ball Fund who paid for the Limo, to people who made donations so Post Pals could contribute, to Susan and to Cesar. Everyone has made Alice one very happy girl!

While talking about Alice, I thought I would post about a little project we are doing for her. If you have a dog or your friend does then please send Alice a photo of them with a little information, as when she is in hospital she is going to make a scrapbook from them. If you don’t have a dog you can still make Alice smile by sending her some dog themed post – can she receive some from all around the world? Her address is on her page here.

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Madison P

19 March 2010

I’m very sad to say that Madison P passed away last night in the hospice with her Mum, Dad and sisters by her side. She was expected to have less than 6 months when she was diagnosed over 2 years ago and was given the nickname “Miracle Madi”. She loved getting post so thank you to everyone who has sent her post over the past 15 months since her family joined Post Pals.

Madison 30/08/2005-18/03/2010

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Holly C

19 March 2010

I was very sad to log on today to read that Holly peacefully passed away at 4.22am, her Mum was by her side and holding her hand.

She was with Post Pals for less than a week but will always be a part of it. Our thoughts are with all her friends and family.

Holly 02/12/1997-19/03/2010

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Sophie A

12 March 2010

I’m very sad to say Sophie passed away last night in her Mum and Dads arms. Sophie was only with Post Pals for 17 days, however she captured the hearts of all our volunteers and inspired lots of new ones.

There is a very cute video on Sophie on her website here. I will always remember her when I see bubbles now.

Sophie – 15/11/2007-12/03/2010

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Spit a bit to save a child

02 March 2010

Hello, I apologise in advance that this news update is rather ‘bitty’.

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has been sending post to Sophie and her sister Jessica. Their aunt said:

Sophie and Jessica have been inundated with post of gifts, cards and messages. It has been wonderful to see the few smiles Sophie has given today and Jess has been in her element opening all your lovely parcels. Thank you Post Pals, you do an amazing job, what a fantastic and rewarding organisation and THANK YOU so much to all you amazing people out there who have taken the time to make Sophie and Jessica’s last days together as special for them as it can be under the circumstances by sending all of these gifts.

She has been sent lots of things ranging from a giant teddy bear, Peppa Pig sticker book, Peppa Pig balloons, audio books, cards and lots of other post! I was struck with pride at the way all our volunteers sprung into action so quickly and also at how day in day out they send smiles to children. Some are new to it, some have been sending post since our early days in 2003, some are ill themselves, and a lot of Post Pal families send post to other Pals. Sophie is very weak but fighting on so please keep sending post!

A lot of other Pals are having a tough time at the moment, including Madison who is now too ill for any more chemo, her cancer has spread and it is affecting her breathing. Ashley is undergoing new chemo to try and hold back the progression of his, and Alice is being hit by harsh chemo too. Our volunteer Jane (owner of Percy the Poodle who you will often see mentioned on Pals pages) is organising a project which we need your help for.


Do you have a dog? So you know someone who does? Can you take a photo of him/her and send it to Alice with a few letter about their name, age, favourite toys, food and how they like to spend their days. Alice is absolutely mad about dogs so is going to save all the photos in a scrapbook. Send them to the address on her page here.

Alice is one of many children and adults who are waiting to find a bone marrow donor. Could you spit a bit and save a child?

ARE YOU 18 to 49?

Then ‘SPIT A BIT’ to save a child

Yes you read right, we desperately need your help. Our daughter needs a bone marrow donor and it’s critical. By clicking on the link you can visit Anthony Nolan Trust, complete the form, order a saliva kit and get tested. If there’s a chance of matching, you will be invited for a test to investigate further. You could save a life – if you are between 18 and 40, please take action today – it really doesn’t take much to register.

If you are older than 40, but still under 50, you can join the NHS bone donor the next time you give blood (ask before your regular or first time blood donation is taken) click on – and read more about the BBMR (British Bone Marrow Registry). If you don’t currently give blood, then this is your opportunity to do something about it and join. If you’re in America you can join at a bone marrow drive or

Please email this request to everyone – work colleagues, friends, family, neighbours – in fact, everyone in your contacts list. Post to Facebook, Twitter and wherever else you can, including links to Anthony Nolan and the BBMR. The number of potential bone marrow donors on the register is currently just 400,000 – it’s not nearly enough. Let’s see if we can significantly increase that number through a viral email.

If you copy and paste this onto a new email rather than forwarding, and then send using ‘BCC’, recipients won’t end up with realms of email addresses at the top.

Thank you for your help.

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