Nicole D

18 May 2010

I received the sad and very unexpected news that Nicole D passed away suddenly from another brain haemorrhage.

She was in remission, doing great, and had written 2 books which featured Post Pals. The last thing she wrote on her site was;

Finally, I’d just like to remind everyone again of the fab website: Post Pals which supports seriously ill children by ‘posting a smile on their faces’. In the last month they’ve lost four little girls and one little boy from cancer, and three of those passed away within the same week. I wanted to mention Post Pals again in the hope that some of you will visit the site and write to a child to cheer them up while they’re ill. I used to be a pal and it really does make a difference.

Normally when a Pal passes away I sign off with one of my favourite photos of them but don’t say why it’s my favourite. However I thought I would share the story behind it. When Nicole’s cancer returned (which in May this year scans showed she was still in remission from), she knew she was going to loose her hair, and being the queen of pink she decided if she had to have a wig she wanted a pink one – not exactly something the NHS do! So I sent various emails and did some research – Sparkling Strawberry kindly donated 7 different styles of pink wigs – one for every day of the week. The photo on the back of Nicole’s first book was her in one of them.

Nicole 09/02/1989-16/05/2010

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Rhianna J

07 May 2010

We have some sad news, Rhianna passed away on the 5th of May. She had been with Post Pals for a year and half, and loved getting post. She had a huge box of gifts that had been donated to Post Pals and was kindly sending them out to the other children as she knew it would make them smile.

Rhianna 23/03/1997-05/05/2010

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