Email problems, TLC and exciting news

09 September 2008


Hello, I’ve been having on going issues with emails for a long time now, and I never know which emails have gone through. While offline this week I did a major catch up, re sending ones that I wasn’t sure if they had arrived, writing replies to other emails, or sending general ones to volunteers and families etc. They were all sitting in my outbox and when I got back online a few started to send. Then my virus software said it had discovered a problem (which there wasn’t, it just decided to invent one!) and to resend them from my sent folder – only most of them weren’t there. I must have lost a good 90% of them but I don’t know who got what!

If you have sent an email and not got a reply please let me know on


The following children are in need of some TLC

Seren is having her first course of IV’s and having a tough time of it with lines failing, coughing, being backwards and forwards to the hospital etc. Her percentile is down to 7% (for children with CF the aim is to keep above 50%).

Aled is being admitted on the 15th sept for a Supa pubic catheter to be fitted befote they do bladder tests on the 16th, the outcome of these tests decide wether he will have a bladder reconstruction or not.

Anthony has had a change of medication as the previous one was no longer working with new possible legions showing up. This drug is shown to extend life for around 4 months.

Laura H isn’t doing very well, she would never ask for some TLC but could really do with some!

We also have a new Pal called Madison, who I will upload to the site in the next day or two. She is spending a lot of time in hospital so will be in need of TLC

Now for the exciting news;

Those of you who have been part of Post Pals for a while now will remember Kat. She started off as team and ended up a Pal for a while when she spent 9 months in hospital, only to go home for month before having another 6 months in hospital!

She is still very ill, but is GETTING MARRIED on the 20th of September.

The wedding is taking place on the 20th of September, it has been scheduled to include lots of rest breaks but we have no idea how Kat will manage it!

I’m going to be away for a week as I’m being a bridesmaid and I won’t have internet access – my longest break from Post Pals for 5 years 2 months! I will how ever be doing loads of post from Kat’s flat. Emma (volunteer) who people who came to the party would have met, is also a bridesmaid. Pal Chloe G is being flowergirl.

I’m going on the 14th and will be back on the 21st and Kate will be the main point of contact during that time, her email is

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