Hannah E

21 January 2010

Last night I read online the sad news that Hannah E had passed away at the age of 9. She had battled Neuroblastoma since she was 3.

She was on Post Pals back in 2007, and I followed updates on her website.

Our thoughts are with her friends and family.

Hannah 09/05/2000-20/01/2010

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Happy 2010

06 January 2010

Hello, our Pal Ryan, who isn’t very well at the moment, loves getting post and collects key rings, so we are asking if people around the world could send a key ring to him.

We are also still looking for volunteers for our January Smiles project. Could you put a box together of things to make a child smile? Anything from gifts to funny poems to jokes? If you can please email us.

This month is always quiet post wise, so we are doing our best to get as many cards, letters, little gifts and emails sent.

Our TLC list of children having an extremely difficult time is very long at the moment.

We hope you have the best 2010 possible, I will be posting an update about 2009 in the next few days.

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