The flock have flown in!

28 April 2008

A large flock of Chemoducks have just flown in thanks to the generosity of Nathan V‘s family and friends.

Nathan liked his Chemoduck that Post Pals sent him so much that when he passed away his family set about raising some funds to purchase some ducks for Alderhey. They raised so much they were able to provide some to Alderhey, Pendulbury and local hospitals, as well as donating 29 to Post Pals. We have already sent 3 out today to Jack Bradley B, Jack Peter B and Daniel M and we are sure they will be much appricated. Nathan’s mum, Mandy, also mentioned us on a radio interview with CityTalk radio. A very big thank you to everyone who contributed to the ducks.

Talking of contributions – a very big thank you to Vicki, Hayley, Emma and Colette for their donations in memory of Samantha. We will certainly put them to good use and create lots of smilies in honour of Samantha.

We are trying to do some fundraising at the moment as we are currently a non profit organisation and to register as a charity we need to have an annual income of £5000. If you would like to fund raise for us in any way please drop us a line and we will gladly do what ever we can to help. The money will be used to purchase cards and special gifts for the children featured.

Talking of fundraising, if you like the cool side of a pillow and get too hot in bed, then Chillow is the answer for you. It’s a special gel pad you put in your pillow and it keeps you cool (but not cold), it doesn’t even need refrigerating. If you purchase one from their website and select “Post Pals” from the drop down menu asking where you heard about them, they will donate 10% to us!

I will sign off with a picture of Jordan H and a quilt he was sent.

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Database of details and email from Samantha’s Dad

26 April 2008

Hello, a volunteer recently asked if we have a database of the childrens details so she could try and work her way through writing to them all. We have one with their name, DOB, fowarding address, interests and it can be found by joining our e-group then clicking ‘Database’. We hope it’s helpful to you.

Samantha’s Dad sent us a lovely email and gave me permission to share. If you would like to make a donation in Samantha’s memory, please do so through the links on our Donate page. Please make a note on them that it is in Samantha’s memory so I can tell her parents.

Thanks so much for your lovely e-mail and kind words of support.

I am getting e-mails from all over the world on how much Samantha has inspired them, and it is becoming increasingly clear that my little princess has touched and inspired so many people in every corner of the world in her short life than most of us could ever hope to achieve.

I feel so lucky to have had her in our lives and have learned so much from her, the world seems a much darker place without her.

I have asked my work and several people to donate to Post Pals rather than send flowers to Sam’s funeral. The last two years have been very difficult but both Samantha and Louis always managed a smile when they saw the Postman bring something for them. I want you to know I will never forget what you have done for my children and showed me just how many wonderful people there are out there.

Please stay in touch

Neil (Daddy)

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Samantha H

16 April 2008

We are very sad to say that Samantha H passed away on the 15/04/2008.

She loved receiving post and probably received more than any other Pal. One day she was crying during chemo and nothing would stop her crying. They gave her the post she had been sent and out of the card tumbled some confetti stars. Instantly, she stopped crying and spent the next 20 minutes making pretty patterns.

She inspired many around the world and will be missed by so many people.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to send some post to Samantha. Sympathy cards can be sent to the address on her page and please keep sending cheerful post to her brother Louis.

“It’s not how long a star shines, what’s remembered is the brightness of the light.”

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Sweets galore!

08 April 2008

We recently sent to a lot of our Pals and siblings special party bags jam packed with sweets (and sugar free ones for diabetics). The money to cover these was kindly donated by JamFund who have also offered a holiday to the Post Pal families, so a very big thank you to them.

I will sign off with a picture of Milly and Alice P with theirs…

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