Some good news today

23 August 2011

We had some good news today, not only has one of our balloons released in memory of Pal turned up on a mountain in Switzerland but one has just been found in a cornfield in France (Pas-de-Calais, precisely at Bonningues-lès-Calais). Thank you to Catherine who found it for letting us know!

I’ve also just heard that the Russell Howard show we were on has been repeated, we have had wonderful support from viewers from past showings and if you watched it and are reading this because you want to make a sick child smile- thank you!

The original viewing caused lots of post to be sent which caused lots of smiles! Viewers also kindly sent us donations which we used to fund a special project we had had in mind for a long time, here is a picture of just one the smiles.

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Very special photographs

23 August 2011

Earlier in the year I came across a website which offered beautiful photos taken on a beach in Hawaii run by a lovely lady called Lisa. She kindly has done (for free) pictures for all the Pals we have lost since Post Pals started. The families have been very touched by them and we are going to print them onto canvas for them too.

If you would like to know more you can see Lisa’s site here

You can see more photos on our Facebook here

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Post Pals ball

22 August 2011

We are sad to announce that we’ve had to cancel the Post Pals ball. Post Pals is going to try and ensure people are refunded the money they paid for deposits. If you paid a deposit or donated an item please contact us on with the information. The organisers were very successful in having prizes donated so we are hoping that auctioning of them (organised by Post Pals ourselves) will cover the current deficit.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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