Incase you missed it… Russell Howard

19 April 2010

You can watch us on the Russell Howard’s Good News show here!

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New to Post Pals?

15 April 2010

Hello if you are new to Post Pals and found us via Russell Howard tonight, thank you for visiting our site and wanting to make a sick child smile.

There are lots of ways to get involved, so grab a pen or open your emails and within 5 minutes you can create some smiles like those featured in the video clip. Click on “Find a Pal”, then read through the current children and pick someone to write to – be it a seriously ill child or their sibling (we feel it is important that siblings are remembered as they can often feel left out attention wise in their life), and send a card, letter, little gift or email to the address on their page. If you are stuck for who to write to we have a TLC list with those most in need of smiles. The little girl featured in the video is Megan H.

You can join us on Facebook or Twitter too, just check out links on the left.

Thank you again for wanting to make a child smile.

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Jamie W

14 April 2010

I have more sad news, sadly Jamie passed away on Saturday. Her Mum said:

Thank you to everyone at Post Pals who kept Jamie smiling every day. Jamie had fought every day through 2 years of treatment without complaining. That’s something us adults would never do.

Jamie 02/08/2004-10/04/2010

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Kian B

14 April 2010

Kian joined Post Pals around June last year, shortly after he was admitted to hospital where he stayed until last week. As there was nothing more the doctors could do for Kian, he went to Thomas Land on Tuesday and had an amazing day. We were arranging for a special suit so he could go swimming on his wish trip to Center Parcs, but sadly Kian became too ill and passed away Friday evening in his Mum’s arms and with his family around him.

He loved getting post so thank you to everyone who sent him a smile in the post or made a donation to try and help him go swimming.

Kian 04/01/2007-09/03/2010

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Women on their Way Award

08 April 2010

Hello, last month I was proud to win a Women on Their Way Award although as it was at such a sad time I didn’t post about it. I wasn’t well enough to go to the awards myself so it is being presented to me in bed some time in May. They played this video featuring myself and Megan H’s family.

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