Some recent smiles…

Jan 4, 2013

Hello to everyone reading! We hope you have all had a very Merry Christmas and we wish you all the best for 2013!

Although we don’t post news updates frequently, we are always very busy making the families we help smile. We thought we’d share just a few of the things we have organised and sent recently. They are…


Sending balloons to children having a difficult time.

Cool face paint books and kits which children and teenagers of all ages enjoyed and are still having fun with.

Tickle paws (they roar when you tickle someone).

Granted Lewis’ wish for an Elmo Live which was waiting for him when he got home from hospital with help from Strong Bones.

Quilts for a children to snuggle up with.

Special bracelets to Milly and Alice with ‘sister’ on and a lovely poem about journeying through life together.

Pizza, a drink and chocolate cake to Poppy’s Mum who hadn’t had a meal for 3 days as she sat by Poppy’s bedside in HDU.

Bedroom doorbells that children can record their voice into.

And so much more!

We have also had lots of new Pals join in the past few months, the most recent being;

The lovely Sapphire B has sarcoma which is cancer in her stomach. She has had operations, lots of chemotherapy and has spent most of her time in hospital since her diagnosis. The doctors have said there is nothing more they can do for her so her family are looking for trials elsewhere. Sapphire is still a typical teenage girl who is 13 and loves music, nails, make-up, horseriding, dogs, animals, art and her favorite color is pink! Could you send some post to her and give her a warm welcome to post pals?

Little Amelia is 4 and has a brain tumour. The tumour has progressed quickly and they feared Amelia would not make it to Christmas but they are now hoping she can manage Christmas at home before returning to her local hospice. Although very poorly Amelia is loving receiving post and its been making her smile.

The wonderful Lydia M has also joined us this week! Lydia has medulloblastoma which is a cancerous brain tumor. Lydia also has Gorlin Syndrome which means she can’t have radio therapy and has already spent most of her life in hospital! Lydia faces everything with a smile and loves to make people laugh with her imagination games. Lydia is a 6 year old girl who loves pirates, stickers, lego, cartoon animal films, transformers, books, disney princesses, dinosaurs and music! Lydia loves all post but please don’t send her any food because of her food allergies.

Our TLC pals need a bit of TLC!

All three of our new pals are on our TLC page this week. Sapphire is now on palliative chemotherapy as the doctors say her cancer can’t be cured so she would love some post to make her smile. Lydia is spending all her time in hospital with chemotherapy and infections so she’d love some cheerful post!

Also on our TLC page this week we have the wonderful William S who has been waiting for a heart transplant for a very long time! His health is getting worse and he’s in and out of hospital a lot! He really needs his new heart soon so some cheerful post would really make him smile!

The amazing Adam B needs some cheerful post as his cancer has started to grow and spread again so he is having treatment in the UK and USA. Could you send him a card to make him smile?

The lovely Poppy H has had a really tough year and spent most of it in hospital! She could really use some post to make her smile!

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to make Pals smile this year.