Kennedy’s Wish

14 August 2017

Kennedy has been fighting Leukaemia since November 2015. Since then she has had been through lots of treatment, below is a picture of her with her bravery beads. Every single bead is either a treatment (chemotherapy, surgery etc) or a procedure (lumber puncture, port access etc).

Kennedy beads

Kennedy loves Peppa Pig and would love to go to Peppa Pig World. The whole family have had a difficult year and so we would like to send them for the weekend, to have some time away together and lots of fun.

Kennedy family

The total cost for 2 days in the park, a stay at the lovely Mortimer Arms p, food, travel and £15 spending money for each child comes to £385

If you could help sponsor this wish we have a wish fund donation page here

Thank you



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Aaron’s wish for a hot tub

27 July 2017

Aaron has Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and often ends up ventilated in intensive care when he catches an infection.

Aaron with Mickey

His Post Pals wish is for a hot tub as it would make him smile (and he has a BIG smile!) but also because it would be so good for his painful muscles and lung function.


Tesco current have them reduced to £335, could you donate towards one? When we reach our total check back to this page to see him relaxing in it! If an individual or company sponsors it we can put up a link to your site.

hot tub

The link to donate is here 



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Izzy’s wish for a unicorn

25 July 2017

Izzy has been in hospital for the past 17 weeks under going intensive chemotherapy.

Her wish to Post Pals was for ‘a fluffy unicorn’ and Shamyla kindly granted that wish, sending a huge snuggly unicorn, tattoos and some other goodies.

We think judging by her smile she loves it!!


Izzy unicorn

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Extra Smiles

24 July 2017

Post Pals concentrates on providing day in day out support to the Pals and their family, but once in a while we are able to arrange an ‘Extra Smile’ be it in the form of a day out or granting a wish. Post Pals doesn’t have funding for this so we rely completely on people kindly donating tickets, experiences, any contacts you have that could help us arrange them, or money to help fund them. Maybe you have tickets for something you can’t make or spare ones? Maybe you work somewhere which could provide a happy time or have an idea for an extra smile? If so, please contact us.

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May 2017 – Light Cinema Boxes

24 July 2017

This month we decided to send all of our pals cinema light boxes through the post. These light boxes have been extremely popular recently and we thought that our seriously ill pals would enjoy them too! The video below is just a small taster of how much fun our pals had with their light boxes! They made an absolutely fantastic extra smiles project particularly as our pals were able to write and share fun (some even cheeky!!) messages with their families and friends. Thank you to all of our families who kindly shared their light box photos! We were absolutely inundated with happy photos so we just had to make a small video to cherish them! Here at Post Pals, we make every donation count towards making happy smiles for our pals and this is just one very fine example. Please take the time to enjoy the video below – Thank You.

#postpals #smallcharity #extrasmiles #volunteer #cinemalightboxes #makemomentscount

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Badge appeal for seriously ill children

22 July 2017

Post Pals has sent a lanyard to every single Pal and sibling we help and we are now appealing for help in filling up those lanyards!

Lanyard 3

Could you send a badge to a seriously ill child? It could be from eBay, your collection or ones you pick up on days out- you could even tell the child where it came from or how you came to have the badge.

Badges can be any type, from standard backs or pins to clip ones. Just go to our Find a Pal page, select a child and send them a badge. It couldn’t be easier to make a child smile!


Lanyard 2

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Fingerprint Necklaces

17 July 2017

Post Pals has started to have finger print necklaces made for the parents of our most unwell children.

Ebonie’s Mum loves hers and said;

“My beautiful necklace that has so much meaning and made by Ebonie herself. Her finger print, her style choice and her choice of how her name was presented. Made the week before she went to sleep forever, I am so thankful we were able to make the before she left.

Thank you Post Pals for such a precious gift, I love it and I know Ebonie would too, its made exact how Ebonie described it.”


Post Pals would like to be able to offer these to all our families whose children have a life threatening condition but at £60 each we are currently unable to.

If you are able to contribute towards or sponsor a necklace we have a Justgiving page dedicated to this project.

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Malachi’s wish to be famous

17 July 2017

Malachi’s wish is to be famous, he already has over 13,000 followers on Facebook and enjoys making videos.

A volunteer decided to help make Malachi even more famous by creating him a website, YouTube channel, and giving him a banner and business cards. We hear every single member of staff at the Marsden now has his business card!

Here is Malachi interviewing people at the Post Pals party.

Check out his site and don’t forget to follow him on social media!

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April 2017 – Sunflowers

25 June 2017

With summer fast approaching around the corner we decided to send all of our pals sunflower growing kits this month. We thought that this would be an interesting project for our pals to focus on by spreading some seeds of happiness and joy! Sunflowers are so bright and colourful that we thought it would help to create a little ray of sunshine to brighten up each and everyone of our children’s worlds. We make the most out of every single donation given to Post Pals and put great thought into what monthly gifts we send out to our pals. By supporting a small charity like Post Pals, you are supporting our dream to make seriously ill children smile during difficult times. We cannot thank each and every single one of you enough who helps make a difference to Post Pals!!!

#postpals #smallcharity #extrasmiles #becausewecare #volunteer #makeadifference

IMG-20170413-WA0007 FB_IMG_1492344788396

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March 2017 – Mermaid & Shark Tail Blankets

15 May 2017

This month we sent all of our pals either mermaid or shark tail blankets. These cosy blankets made perfect gifts for our pals as they can use them to wrap around themselves, keep warm and relax on the sofa or in bed with! The Extra Smiles Team chose these blankets especially as they manage to combine an element of fun as well as providing a source of comfort. This Extra Smiles Project is just one example of what Post Pals are able to achieve with donated funds. Thank you so much to all the people that support Post Pals. Without your support, these extra special projects and treats would not be possible so we are most appreciative. 

#postpals #smallcharity #extrasmiles #volunteer #donations #sendingsmilesacrossthemiles

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