Extra Smiles

15 August 2016

Post Pals concentrates on providing day in day out support to the Pals and their family, but once in a while we are able to arrange an ‘Extra Smile’ be it in the form of a day out or granting a wish. Post Pals doesn’t have funding for this so we rely completely on people kindly donating tickets, experiences, any contacts you have that could help us arrange them, or money to help fund them. Maybe you have tickets for something you can’t make or spare ones? Maybe you work somewhere which could provide a happy time or have an idea for an extra smile? If so, please contact us.

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Extra Smiles Kite Themed Project For August

15 August 2016

For August’s Extra Smiles Project we wanted to continue our summer theme so we submitted a series of online orders of kites. The kites were then dispatched directly to all of our pals. The theme of the kite varied according to what was most appropriate for each pal from ice cream shaped kites to octopus kites to smiley face kites to stunt kites!! We decided that the kites were a great choice for an Extra Smiles Project as we thought our pals would have lots of fun either flying their kite or watching their kite fly. Additionally, we also thought that this was a great project for involving all of the family meaning that siblings could join in the outdoor fun as well! We were sent some superb pictures of our pals enjoying their kites which we would love to share with everyone. A very special ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has kindly donated to Post Pals. With your help, extra special projects like this become a reality for our pals and help them through difficult times.

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Extra Smiles Sun Catcher Project For July

12 July 2016

For July’s Extra Smiles Project we were able to send out a variety of different sun catchers to all of our pals. We selected the sun catchers individually according to what most suited the child (ie.their favourite colour) and then we placed a series of online orders.  We thought that sun catchers would make a great theme for July being that it is a summer month (although many of us are still waiting for Summer!!!). We are also aware that our children often spend a lot of time in their bedrooms resting up so we thought our pals could relax and enjoy watching their sun catchers glisten. Needless to say, this project was very well received by our pals. We had many comments on how the sun catchers brightened up their windows and caught the light by reflecting a beautiful spectrum of colours around their rooms. We were delighted to see that this months project created ‘Extra Smiles’ all round for our pals….What will be in store for August’s Extra Smiles Project?? You’ll just have to wait and see!!

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Pop-Up Cards Organised By Love Kates

24 May 2016

The Extra Smiles Team have been very busy this month working alongside a lovely lady called Kate who manages a wonderful Card and Gift shop company called Love Kate’s. Love Kate’s offers an exceptional range of Greeting, Birthday & Occasion Cards and a full range of Gift, Celebration & Party ideas online. Love Kate’s is one the largest online independent UK card retailers. Love Kate’s are committed to providing a fast, easy and reliable hassle-free shopping experience.


Love Kates Logo Ideas v2 (Pink)    5x7 Kate & Chris Malt Head Shot fo Marketing

We approached Kate as we really wanted to source some special and unique cards to send to our pals. Kate only needed to read some of the heart warming stories of our pals to realise the special work that we carry out as a charity. The work of Post Pals really struck a chord with Kate as her husband’s grandson very sadly has a life limiting condition so therefore Kate felt very empathetic towards our Post Pal families. Combining two of Kate’s passions in life: one her dedication to the greeting card industry and two the love for her own family meant that Kate very kindly wanted to support Post Pals. It was quite simple, Kate wanted to donate, not sell, 50 pop-up card to Post Pals. Kate began contacting a supplier called Second Nature who publish award winning pop-up cards. Second Nature agreed to go half and half with Kate in order to donate 50 pop-up cards to send to all of our pals. Pop-up cards are a special type of 3D card which literally pop up when you release them from the envelope. Kate very kindly hand selected a variety of different pop-up cards which were appropriate to send to our pals. The designs included: cupcakes, sunflowers, cats, shoes, sporting icons and musical instruments. These card designs were then packaged up and sent directly to our volunteer writer Annette who very kindly wrote and sent all of the pop-up cards to our pals. Needless to say, the cards went down an absolute storm with our pals! It truly made our pals’ day when the postman arrived and they were absolutely delighted to receive a fun and unique type of greeting card that many had not seen before.

Excitingly, there is more to tell you!! This is just the very start of our new connection with Love Kate’s Card and Gift Shop as Kate has now very kindly offered continued support to Post Pals. We were absolutely thrilled to hear of this wonderful news and we are very excited to work alongside Love Kates. We are delighted to inform you of an exclusive discount code which has been honoured by Love Kate’s. The code POSTPALS will automatically entitle our Post Pals supporters to receive a 10% discount off their order along with free UK delivery at www.lovekates.co.uk. This discount code has been authorised by Kate to support our volunteers to send post to our seriously ill children. Orders can be delivered either to the customer’s home address or directly to the pals address. Kate provides a free handwriting service as well so there is even the option for a card to be purchased and written by a member of the team at Love Kate’s and sent directly to a pal, therefore, saving our Post Pal supporters the cost of a stamp.

We would like to say a very big and special ‘Thank You’ to Kate from Love Kate’s Card and Gift Shop. We really do appreciate all of her hard work, effort and generosity in arranging the pop-up cards for our pals. It is special people like Kate who really do make a difference and achieve ‘extra smiles’ for our Post Pal children. Also, please can we say a very big ‘Thank You’ to Annette for kindly writing and sending the pop-up card on behalf of Post Pals.

Please take the time to look at the pictures of the pop-up cards sent to our pals and also visit Love Kate’s Card and Gift Shop website – remember to quote the discount code POSTPALS at the checkout – Thank You!


Kennedy with her pop-up card whilst in hospital.


Owen enjoying his pop-up instrument themed card.

Georgia's infectious smile from her pop-up card :)

Georgia’s infectious smile from her pop-up card :)

Aiden was chuffed to bits when he received his pop-up card!

Aiden was chuffed to bits when he received his pop-up card!

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Funko Pops for Hollypops!

03 May 2016

Our Pal Holly is a massive fan of Pop Figures after Pops for Pals sent her some.

13 year old Holly is in Great Ormond Street Hospital having major surgery with a long recovery time. Could you send her a Pop to make her smile? She would enjoy receiving any Pop but we will ask her to make a wish list and update it here.

We have kickstarted Holly’s collection of Pops by ordering her the Pop Vinyl Star Wars Chewbacca! Second on her wish list is to receive the Pop Vinyl Big Hero 6 Honey Lemon. Are you able to kindly send Holly some more Pops to add to her collection?? She is a VERY big fan of Pops and we would love to inundate her with as many Pops as we can!!!

Click onto Holly’s page for her address.


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Butterfly Garden Set Extra Smiles Project For April

03 May 2016

For April, we decided to opt for an insect themed Extra Smiles Project so we surprised every single one of our Pals with a Butterfly Garden Set from Insect Lore. Our Pals will be very busy this month as they will send off a special coupon which will mean they will receive five caterpillars in the post. They will then feed the caterpillars and they will grow to form their chrysalis. Slowly they will emerge as painted lady butterflies and our Pals will have lots of fun feeding and watching the butterflies eat! After a week of enjoying the butterflies it will be time to experience the excitement of letting the butterflies go into the big wide world to continue their amazing life cycle. This was an ideal Extra Smiles project as we thought our Pals would really enjoy watching the butterfly life cycle as it is a truly fascinating transformation to observe. This month we even surprised the founder and manager of Post Pals, Vikki George, with a butterfly garden set!!! A little birdie informed us that Vikki also loves butterflies and this is just a small token gesture to thank Vikki for all she does for other people. So this month Vikki will also be joining our Pals on their Extra Smile project of observing the butterfly life cycle. We hope she enjoys the set as much as our Pals will.

2016-05-03 (2)2016-05-032016-05-03 (1)

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Sponge Cake Themed Extra Smiles Project For March

02 April 2016

The Extra Smiles Project for March was a real success. This month we decided to opt for a food related project in the form of a 7″ sponge cake made by www.sponge.co.uk! We contacted all of our Pals’ parents to investigate what each Pal’s favourite cake flavour was. We then ordered a variety of appetising 7″ sponge cakes and sent them directly to our Pals. I have to say this month we were overwhelmed with pictures of our Pals with their cakes. The cakes went down an absolute storm and definitely created an ‘Extra Smile’! This Extra Smiles project was financed by a fundraising event carried out by Chloe G’s brother (Moved On Pal) who very kindly allowed Post Pals to be the beneficiary of his charity event. A very special thank you to Charlie for all of your generous fundraising support which was dedicated to our Post Pal children and their families. It is people like Charlie who make these Extra Smiles projects possible. Please may we also thank Charly from www.sponge.co.uk for kindly arranging a special discount code to apply to all of our orders. We really enjoyed working with Charly from Sponge and are very grateful for all of her help in organising a unique discount for our Post Pals families. Please take the time to look at the pictures below to see the smiles that our sponge cake extra smiles project created.

2016-04-02 2016-04-02 (2) 2016-04-02 (1)

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Alfe’s Cause Charity

25 March 2016

We would like to say a very special thank you to Alfe for making comfort cushions for our Pals who have been affected by cancer. Alfe setup his own charity called ‘Alfe’s Cause’ after battling his own fight with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2009. Alfe went into remission in 2010, however, he wanted to make a difference and help other children going through a similar situation to his own cancer journey. The concept of Alfe’s extra project this year is in the form of making comfort cushions. Alfe very kindly sat behind his sewing machine and persevered with making cushions for our Pals. He even made the extra effort to investigate our Pals’ interests and likes in order to select appropriately themed materials especially for our Pals. Needless to say Alfe’s comfort cushions were a huge hit and our pals were absolutely delighted to receive an extra smile through the post. A very big and special thank you to Alfe once again for all of your hard work, time and effort in making cushions for our Pals. It is special people like Alfe who truly make a difference to other people. We wish Alfe and his charity all the very best for the future. Please take the time to visit Alfe’s charity – Thank you- http://www.alfescause.org.uk







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Valentine’s Themed Extra Smiles Project For February

24 February 2016

The Extra Smiles Team have been very busy working closely alongside Vikki to plan our upcoming Extra Smiles projects. For February, The Extra Smiles Team were set a mission to send all of our pals a personalised Valentines Card each which was accompanied with a holographic inflated helium balloon. A whole lot of coffee and chocolate was consumed whilst Sarah processed all the orders for the children until finally finishing at 1am in the very early hours of the morning! However, a few days later this hard work massively paid off as all of the helium balloons started to arrive to our pals. It was very clear  that this project created infectious smiles all round and we had 49 very happy children!! Please take the time to look at the pictures below of Aaron, William and Owen to see the smiles that this project created. We also got sent a lovely video of Sophie playing with her balloon which is lovely to watch as you can see the enjoyment she got from her balloon.

#postpals #extrasmiles #workforacause  #becausewecare #everyonecandosomething

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Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Candy Set Extra Smiles Project For January

25 January 2016

The Extra Smiles Team wanted to kick start the New Year of 2016 with a fun project for all of our Pals here at Post Pals. We are aware January is often a quieter month for our pals so we decided to use a generous donation to run a Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Candy Set project. We ordered each pal one big DIY set which contained nine candy making sets which included themes such as: sushi, hamburger, bento, donuts, cake shop and more! These candy making sets came all the way from Japan and needless to say they were a real hit with our pals!!! This project certainly achieved ‘extra smiles’ all-round  and much fun was had by all. A very special ‘Thank you’ to everyone who has kindly donated to Post Pals. With your help, extra special projects like this become a reality for our pals and help them through difficult times. 

Here is a lovely video of Ruby with her Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Candy Set…


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