Post Pals Party 2016 fun

02 July 2016

On the 25th of June over 100 people came from all over the UK to the Post Pals fun fair party.

Everyone was handed a bag of tokens when they arrived, which could be redeemed on everything from a helium balloon to hook a duck game plays and ice-cream. The kids were all excited to look through the tokens and put them to use.


Lots of the children headed straight to our giant inflatables, sliding down the Helter Skelter, playing shark island on the Gladiator platform, dancing in the Disco Dome, doing the Safari Challenge or bouncing on the castle.


 photo 0c4b36d9d457eee05c1e7877c6ee6cd6_zpsozqiydfb.jpg

Other children headed straight to the Pop N Candy tables to redeem their token for a Pop N Candy boxes. Pop N Candy/Candy Chaos had asked Underworld if they would give a discount on 200 Pops for the party and with help from Charlotte they kindly donated all 200. Pop N Candy/Candy Chaos then donated over £2000 worth of candy, made exclusive badges and gave it all away. This was extremely popular and due to Facebook live videos the children knew what to expect. One was trying to climb over her sister in the car, so she could rush in because ‘Pop N Candy is here’!

Outside we had side show games, with Hook a Duck (donated in memory of Amelia P), Splat the Rat, Cross Bow Shoot, Tin Can Alley and Feed the Clown. Prizes including goldfish from our fish bowl (we did receive one complaint on Facebook about cruelty, they are actually plastic water shooters in the shape of fish!), inflatables and toys.

 photo 7ddc4fad03672a1564133d3695128552_zpslksj2tat.jpg
We had hair make-overs going on, with Vicki doing fantastic French plaits and Elsa adding colour and sparkle, as well as presenting tiaras to Post Pal princesses. It started with little girls having tiaras, but soon everyone was wearing one! We also had beautiful bows, clip in colour extensions and bandanas. Issy was especially excited to meet Elsa and had her face painted to be like her.

 photo 4ffd8ba9fb1055fbc339da169cea95ba_zpsdulwzeal.jpg

Elsa wasn’t the only Princess at the party, Ariel, Belle, Aurora, Rapunzel and Merida spent the whole day there too.They presented tiaras, twirled with the children in skirts volunteers had made, bounced on castles and played with the children.

 photo a3d18c9e0547d46bbe35ba37fb22f8aa_zpsjdnpqdjt.jpg
 photo 6c8a9eb4d8f44949c9fbc528f5f79975_zpsmppsgvs5.jpg
 photo 171b05ca14cc5c531bac9279166fa0ea_zpskgp0ieft.jpg

 photo 5b13f065a793780c8e4f45b913371ca1_zpsciaj5vg3.jpg
 photo 70872dfbfee9a5e782ec0a1bf20d06e1_zpsmuhbilpl.jpg

Other characters dropped in too, Spider-Man was going to ‘drop in’ via our roof, but the rain had other ideas at that point.But he still showed us all his moves, fist bumped, had the children doing their favourite superhero poses, did his nails at the nail bar and slowly made friends with Kennedy. Kennedy was scared of him at first, but he slowly kept talking to her and after a high five they became best friends.She made him go round and round the Safari Challenge with her.Well it’s not every day Spider-Man catches you at the bottom of a slide is it?! Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy are special friends of Lewis so they came along too and Iggle stroked Faith’s face with his blanket so she could feel how soft it was.
 photo d08d0ba6102d2d71e145f0cdd225b403_zpsaz4djzdq.jpg
 photo 8aaff3a694e3866a9808b0f875e72720_zpseg2mvuqc.jpg
 photo 833b1e0423ff91785614b55ffc55fd0b_zpsx8d9iw0v.jpg
 photo 53d18902f03799736b17c0e0c90a38d7_zpsqlcbwozu.jpg
 photo 5261933b2e04c38bda4fbdd0eb0887a1_zpshwqavrpm.jpg

Despite the forecast it only rained briefly, but we decided to do the butterfly release as we had sunshine and blue skies. We remembered all the Post Pals children who had passed away, as well as children from Share a Star, Spider-Man’s son Jayden and Liam Fairhurst whose family had donated £500 to make the day possible. A butterfly sat on Olivia (sister to Rocco), Nico (brother to Alicia) and Spider-Man’s hand.

The full release

 photo 971ee8077f6ee93b1adfb7b02e8c986a_zpsfweqqfcu.jpg
 photo 6e5bb9e51b56921d2b098451b61e8813_zpssewudgrn.jpg
 photo 3de41942c47fe2ab8fc769192cafb167_zpsy5xcfg2u.jpg
 photo 84f40159b7bcaf56a82cdf420476d76c_zpsd90xsyxa.jpg

We had a fun show from Sublime Science, a round of ice-creams, cut our amazing Helter Skelter cake, sung Happy Birthday to Cam with his cake from volunteer Alison and then the crazy raffle started! The raffle where the kids just keep winning and get so excited! We start with 1 prize per ticket, and then move to 2 prizes per a ticket and then 3! Connor won the giant cuddly toy and Elsa won the fantastic dog donated by before donating it to Trustee Steve. He had become very attached to it in the lead up to the party (but then a Pal fell in love with it, so it went home with her).
 photo bc6c470462a3079fa0210e5439b50570_zpsdpzmxtxb.jpg
 photo 182c1898a24ab53382c518dd41248839_zps7fym5alo.jpg

 photo cb451a4d80b8b07719efd8a98f5d064e_zpssb7o60zc.jpg
The party always finishes with the annual wheelchair race! This year Elle, Connor, Lewis and Vikki lined up at the start line before being joined by an imposter, as Jaymee from Candy Chaos clearly didn’t want to miss out. Vikki came last in all 3 races, but did pick up a passenger and had a 3 year old driving for 2 of the races (that’s her excuse).
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
 photo 2e3e2af68301fe5dda0233eb5a54c184_zpslegmgame.jpg

Volunteers and family made friends, this is volunteer Grace and Lewis, Grace has been supporting Lewis since they were both 4.
 photo 55b147aa9112c0661de50c35f1659f76_zpsf6smara0.jpg

Lots of families stayed later, playing on the inflatables, enjoying new found friendships and making plans to stay in touch. Everyone said they are already looking forward to next years party, which brings me onto…

June 24th 2017, put it in your diary as we will be throwing another party. We have launched a fundraising page for it, check it out if you want to know the theme!

A few quotes from the day:

“I wish I could take Lewis and everybody back to Saturday and stay there forever. It truly was the most magical day. No words can come close to describing how much love was at that party. Totally overwhelmed. #making memories”

“I felt relaxed for the first time in a very long time”

 photo 2c9635edfc17f92efc253338bd4058ce_zps7gceuztk.jpg
 photo 06944933609c984590487dff4b8b17d2_zpsgblrf7ab.jpg
 photo 6a9e48b08caecc434762114dcf4d4778_zps3z6dbxgd.jpg
 photo 0fc876a6ac13a6cd6a89eb75e9cf7438_zpsd7rl83a7.jpg
 photo 409940bdaf623541297fc2b1ce79f824_zpsytdqy7ze.jpg
 photo 0c1e7815735d71f5d16a1f5dd3935f77_zpssrwzgcjf.jpg
 photo bc3121c76f3e85b0157b7e2c487096c8_zpsk0jwfnm1.jpg
 photo fe163fc422d6bbf87089c9c1b50a655c_zps7c4xtb74.jpg

Now to start the very long list of thank you’s,

To Jill and Grace, who helped with everything from wrapping prizes, bouncing ideas around, being at the hall until midnight 2 days in a row, and listening to 4am text messages panicking about the weather!

Jaymee who had the fun fair theme idea, spent countless hours discussing it, planning and donating thousands of pounds of candy and getting 200 Pops donated, travelling down for the weekend and getting his customers involved. Not forgetting dealing with me being stressed in the final week! Jaymee runs Candy Chaos and Pop N Candy and the more orders they receive the more they donate to Post Pals,so check out their sites.

Pamela for all the help sourcing quotes, finding entertainment and making calls, you saved me so much energy and made things possible. Thank you also for all your help on the day and for bringing your family to help too.

Connor for helping on the candy table.

Angel who came down on the Friday and didn’t stop until nearly 1am Sunday. Thank you for all your hard work, I don’t think we would have got set up on time without you.The packing up has never been so organised and condensed before! It was adorable seeing the children’s reactions to Elsa.

Pixie Dust Parties/Vicki who contacted us offering a full day of Princesses for free. It was magical to see the children’s reactions and wonderful that none of the interactions were rushed. It’s not often a child can spend all afternoon with their favourite character!

Bexi who had all the adults believing the Scottish accent for being the most amazing Merida. I doubt Isla or Kennedy will ever forget their afternoon playing with you. Not only was the accent so believable, we also are totally amazed you made those curls! Check out BexiBeans Cosplay page.

Jenna for being the most perfect Sleeping Beauty and making Issy’s day

SpiderDad honestly the best Spider-Man ever! The way you slowly won the trust of a shy child and then happily spent so long being dragged around the assault course by her.All your cool tricks, jokes and interactions has left everyone saying you are the best Spider-Man. If anyone is looking to hire a character look no further, all the profit is also donated to Naomi Children’s Hospice although he very kindly did our party for free. Spider-Dad

Fancy a Fudge for donating fudge to the party and for us to fundraise beforehand. EVERYONE said unprompted that it was the best fudge they had ever had. A couple of people said no thank you they didn’t like fudge, but after trying it have decided now they do! The Elmo bars, Cookie Monster and Frozen themed ones were so clever as well as yummy! People can order through the website

Leanne our fabulous photographer and her Dad Bill, they did an 8 hour round trip to volunteer at the party and help capture precious memories on camera. Leanne’s site is here

Caitlin who also had a very long journey and who was a huge help on the day. We hope you caught a sun tan as well as getting soaking wet while overseeing the slide!

Lyn and Naomi who spent a very long time planning craft activities and running them on the day. So much thought went into all the items and they even made pom pom kits for 80 children to take home.

Kristina for getting to the party, despite your car problems and helping all day! The kids also loved your bracelets, not forgetting your Colour Run fundraiser.

Bookham Village Tea rooms for donating 100 cupcakes.

Alexandra and her little boy for baking fun cookies on sticks, these were very popular and at one point nearly all the children were walking around with them!

Louisa for offering to do another Post Pals cake and for not backing out when I asked for a Helter Skelter!

Steve for all our art work, from the invitations to our t-shirts.

St Lawrence Church Hall committee and Be, for kindly donating the hire of the hall.

Alpha Bouncy Castles for giving us a very good deal and being very helpful.

Bev for the wonderful party bags.


laren and Kirsten for running the kitchen and giving out party bags.

Julie for painting nails.

To everyone who ordered from our Amazon wish list, made items, volunteered beforehand, turned up on the day or helped clear up.

Vicki and Jay for your hard work.

Alison who became very good at candy floss and has been collecting all the Disney donations.

I am very sorry if I missed you off the list, but everyone’s help was much appreciated.

‘Grumpy’ who let us fill his house 3 months in advance, who gave up lots of time in the lead up to the party and after.

Last, but far from least, to Dawn and Steve who the party wouldn’t happen without. I know it created so much work for 3 months, caused stress and completely took over our house, so you couldn’t even walk across a room with falling over, but a very big thank you.

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Sponsorship and help request for Post Pals Party 2016

28 April 2016

We are holding a fun fair themed party for seriously ill children, their siblings and parents on June 25th in Surrey. The party starts at 12 and we are expecting around 100 people. Being a small charity we really need your help!

Our help request covers everything from sponsorship of items to cake baking and volunteering of skills. We will be asking for general volunteers nearer the time to help with things on the day. We will also publish an Amazon wish list nearer the time too.

Items needing sponsorship

Gladiator Jousting Ring- £100 SPONSORED BY GWT MEDIA




Safari Fun Run- £100 SPONSORED


Disco Dome- £100 SPONSORED BY LUCY

Splat the rat, feed the clown and arrow shoot side shows- £25 hire SPONSORED BY LYDIA

Hook a Duck (to buy and use each year)-DONATED IN MEMORY OF AMELIA P

Sublime Science 1.5 hour show- £300 SPONSORED

Face painting- £110  SPONSORED

Food and drink

Candyfloss hire- £30 SPONSORED

Buffet – £500

Drinks- £200

Ice creams- £80

Fancy plastic goblets, paper napkins and paper plates- £80

Other Things

Post Pal logo/bird tattoos- £55

Big reusable banner to mark the party location (reused every year)- £50


Helium cylinder purchase (this will be refilled each year saving us money and can use it for TLC balloons in the following months)- £159


T-shirts for decorating- £110

Memorial butterfly release, one for each Pal (using native butterflies who will go onto breed)- £288 SPONSORED

Girl releasing a butterfly

5 Travelodge rooms for low income families traveling a long distance- £50 per room SPONSORED

Help with travel costs for 5 low income families traveling a long distance- £100 per family 1 FAMILY SPONSORED

Cleaning costs after the party- £40

Help needed in finding;

Unicorn/small pony (we can budget up to £75 if someone is willing to sponsor)

Caricaturist (we can budget up to £75 if someone is willing to sponsor). We did have a caricaturist one year and all the children loved it, one little girl spent the whole party alternating between hugging her picture and signing that it was of her!


100 cake pops or cupcakes DONATED

Fresh doughnut stalls/stand/equipment £288

Skills Needed

Signage- Some big fun fair styled signs for our games. Handmade or printed is welcome. VOLUNTEER FOUND

Nails- preferably 2 people with a large collection of nail varnishes to come and paint nails on the day. VOLUNTEER FOUND

Picture board- We would like a few large fun fair themed pictures with the ‘faces’ cut out and a candy themed one. The type people stand behind and put their faces through to have their picture taken. Again this can be handmade or printed but need to be quite large so more than one person can have their picture taken at the same time.

Balloon Modeling- Looking for someone who is able to attend (budget £50) and for someone to sponsor it.

Juggler- You don’t have to be a professional, just good at juggling and own your own clubs/balls/scarves/diabolos

Any other talented people or those who own games they could lend that would fit into a funfair themed party.

Donations can be made through our Virgin Giving Page, PayPal (please send donations to, Cheque or Bank Transfer. Please email for details of where to send cheques or for bank details.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything please drop me a line on

Thank you everyone!



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Frozen Magic for Pals

15 March 2016

Earlier in the year Post Pals purchased some special Frozen dresses and Darth Vader costumes from In Kind Direct. The majority of Pals are going to get a fancy box in the post with their beautiful dresses inside. We went one step further with Ella though and asked Elsa if she would deliver the dress personally.

Ella said;

‘OMG Thank you Post Pals, I’m soooooo happy’

Ella’s Mum said she wanted to go to bed in the dress! The dresses don’t go in with her fancy dress clothing but instead have to be hung up carefully as they are so special.

Ella Elsa Ellafrozen

We loved seeing Elsa make her happy but it’s wonderful to see Ella looking so well and walking too. There have been many times since Ella joined Post Pals 6 years ago, that it look like she wouldn’t pull through. 2 transplants, a huge stroke and countless time in PICU on a ventilator and she is still here, still smiling. Ella still lives with complications from treatment and damage caused by being so ill.

A few years ago Ella made us this little video while in hospital.
Thank you to In Kind Direct, Candy Chaos for sponsoring Elsa’s outfit, Angel and Jaymee for making Ella’s dream come true.

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Post Pals Weekend Appeal

25 January 2016

**Update 14/02/16 We have raised £2043.91 so far**

Post Pals would like to provide a really fun weekend for all of our families with seriously ill children we support, however, we need your help!! We are hoping to go to Chessington World of Adventures for a weekend full of super duper fun!

The fundraising target of £18,000 is to provide for 60 families which includes:

  • Tickets into the theme park (plus Zoo and Sea Life Centre) for the entire weekend.
  • Over night stay Chessington Safari Hotel with themed rooms where you wake up to the sight of African animals.
  • Breakfast
  • An evening meal in the fun Temple Restaurant
  • Evening entertainment.
  • Animals to stroke or hold.
  • A unique experience for everyone to feed the giraffes accompanied by a luxury picnic.
  • The hire of a portable hoist which is a requirement for our severely disabled children to be able to attend this trip.
  • The travel cost for 5 families who would otherwise not be able to afford the travel expense to cover the cost of their journey to arrive and depart from Chessington Safari Hotel.

Many of our families spend a lot of time separated from each other due to the health adversity their child experiences. Very often our Post Pal families are faced with the exceptionally difficult situation of one child and one parent being located in one hospital; meanwhile their siblings are looked after at a different location by another close care giver. Hence why we feel it is paramount for our families to have not only time away from the hospital environment to create happy memories but more importantly time together as a family.

We have also found that our Post Pal families enjoy being around by others who understand, no-one at Post Pals blinks an eye at tubes, seizures, IV’s or oxygen. If anything we find our Post Pal families are often relieved to be surrounded by a group of people who truly understand one another and can empathise with each other.

Six year old Alfie is having three 3 and half years of daily chemotherapy, his mum said;
“We have 5 children and after Alfie was diagnosed with cancer my husband lost his contract at work so money is tight. The weekend would be a very rare treat for our whole family”.

Aaron’s Mum said;
“Our son spends a lot of time in hospital due to his condition, but this weekend would mean we could be a normal family and enjoy normal activities, not cooped up in a hospital room, to just forget about all the hospital appointments for once”.

Post Pals is a small charity so this weekend away at Chessington can only happen with your help. It is a big and ambitious target but if 60 people/groups/work places managed to sponsor a family then this dream will become a reality and more importantly a happy memory to treasure forever.

£300 – Sponsors a Post Pal family for the whole weekend away.
£150 – Provides a themed hotel room for a family.
£100 – Enables a low income family to travel the long distance.
£15 – Sponsors a child to get to meet and feed the giraffes.
£10 – Sponsors a luxury picnic and cake.

We have a page with Virgin Giving which you can donate through or organise an event. Donations can also be sent via PayPal to or please email for details on a bank transfer.



£1200 towards our target of £18,000

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Sad news- Rocco

20 January 2016

We are very sad to say Rocco passed away, he went through so much but always with a smile.



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Alfie finishes chemo!

19 January 2016

5 year old Alfie has just finished 3 and half years of chemotherapy and is moving on from Post Pals. His Mum Harriet said;

“The letters, cards and gifts sent by Post Pals made such a huge difference. It is such a special charity!! Alfie finished his treatment for ALL on Friday, which is very exciting (and slightly nerve-wracking!) time for our family. My heartfelt thanks go out to you – I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I cannot overestimate the different Post Pals has made to our lives. It’s made us feel like we are not fighting this alone.”

Here is a picture of Alfie with his ‘Yipee no more chemo for me’ Post Pal balloons.

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How Post Pals helped Jakub

03 January 2016

We often post pictures of the Post Pals children with their gifts or special projects but we believe cards and letters can make a big difference.

Jakub has had a very tough year, he had a 5 organ transplant, developed cancer which required chemotherapy, spent months in PICU before another 5 organ transplant.

After spending over a year in hospital he is now home and his Mum sent us these lovely pictures of Jakub surrounded by his Post Pals post and also wearing his Minion Tshirt sent by us.

Jakub with post

Jakub cards


Jakub shirt

If you would like to send him a card you can via his page here.

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Calling everyone who wanted to donate a box of toys or multiple cards

03 January 2016

Calling everyone who wanted to donate a box of toys or multiple cards.

In the past Post Pals has accepted donation of items through our PO Box which we would send onto the children we help. After the 18th of January we will no longer be able to accept any items like this and everything must be sent direct to each child.

If you have a box of toys, craft items, cards or letters you were planning on sending us (instead of sending direct to the address on each child’s page) please send it to us between the 4th and 18th of January. The address to send them to is Post Pals, PO Box 278, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT23 4WN.

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Big Thank You to Kim

03 January 2016

Many years ago Kim volunteered to help Post Pals. Over those years Kim has worn many hats from sending some of the most imaginative post we have ever seen, being our fundraiser coordinator, attending a street event, answering thousands of emails, organising assigned writers for every child, as well as coming up with the idea and subsequently running the hugely successful monthly projects scheme.

Although Kim is stepping down she is continuing to write to Pals.



Monthly Projects

Pals with their monthly projects

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Collecting used stamps to raise funds

10 December 2015

Katy has kindly taken over from Kim collecting used stamps to raise funds for Post Pals. Over the years Kim has raised thousands of pounds from used stamps. Please help by saving your used stamps (we take all stamps), trim them leaving a 1cm border and sending them to

1 Chantry Close, Bishops Stortford, Herts, CM23 2SN

Thank you everyone!

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