These Pals are in need of extra support at the moment.


About - Skylah-Mae V

Skylah is on palliative care

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About - Jude A

Jude has spent less than 10 days at home in many months

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About - Bethany H

Bethany is really struggling, she has had less than 3 nights at home since Christmas and had a PICU admission

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About - Holly S

Holly is very unwell in hospital and needing lots of breathing help. It’s tough on her sister Ruby

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About - Malachi T

Malachi now sleeps most of the time due to pressure and fluid in his brain

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About - Mason F

Mason's proton treatment has not worked and he is deteriorating

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About - Sophie G

Sophie has swelling in her brain which has left her very unwell in hospital

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About - Maddison S

Maddison is under going palliative treatment as her cancer is classed as terminal

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