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C/O 14 Perowne Way
SG11 1SZ
United Kingdom

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  • Parents/Guardians - Lucy and James
  • Interests - (Please do not send food) Barbies, crafts, make-up, anything girly
  • Favourite Colour - Yellow
  • Able to read? - No
  • Able to use hands? - Yes
  • Visually/hearing impaired? - No
  • Suffers from any developmental delay? - No

Siblings - aged 3 to 16 wishing to receive post

  • Riley (11/12/2011)
    • Interests:
      Fortnite, Minecraft, Roadblox, Superheros and Lego
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About - Sadie S

Please do not send any food items to Sadie

Story Written August 2020

Sadie is a sassy 4 year old with a huge personality. Sadie has suffered with gastro problems since she was born and has spent over a third of her life in hospital. She has had around 90 admissions to hospital in her little life and over 20 general anaesthetics. All she has known is feeding tubes and monitors and, unfortunately, a lot of pain. After years of trying different feeding tubes, feeds and gut rest we are now in the middle of a very long admission to Great Ormond Street where she has now been diagnosed with a very rare condition of chronic pseudo intestinal obstruction. She is currently dependent on TPN into a central line and is awaiting an ileostomy this week.

Update 28th February 2024

Sadie has had a rough few weeks and is currently in hospital after having a new central line put in. She is now on the mend and we are hoping to be home early this week. Her PN has increased to 15 hours a day which has helped to make her feel a bit better.

Other than that she continues to be the most amazing, strong and happy child. 

Sadie loves Roblox, Lego, crafts and Barbie and at the moment anything Stitch. We are so thankful for the post that she receives and the kindness of people that go out of their way to make her smile.

Riley is now 12 and loves Pokémon, films and gaming Рhe finds it really hard when we are away in hospital for a while but has made himself busy by building a house for Sadie out of the balloon boxes that PostPals sent, so that will be waiting for Sadie when she gets home.

Update 17th June 2021

Sadie had a recent admission back into London for a relocation of her gastrostomy tube. This was meant to have been a relatively smooth operation but sadly Sadie ended up quite poorly afterwards and had to have 2 weeks of IV antibiotics. Currently things are ticking over OK and Sadie has been enjoying the sunshine, although the hot weather is not great for someone on TPN and we have to keep increasing her amounts. 

Thank you to everyone that sends beautiful hand written notes, cards and drawings, special thank you to Vivi who sends Riley his monthly parcels … it’s actually like you know him.

Update 2nd March 2021

Sadie is now home from hospital with her ileostomy, gastrostomy and H ickman line. She is completely dependent on her TPN but has coped so well with adapting to this new way of life. We are due to go back into hospital soon for some more surgery (so dreading that) but for now we are coping well and Sadie continues to live life to its fullest. Thank you so much to everyone that sends cards and presents to Sadie and Riley, they really do brighten their days and it has really helped to make Riley feel included, so thank you.