Our Pal - Rossi S

Contact Details

C/O Unit 1
Vernon Place
Northern Court
United Kingdom

NB: this is a forwarding address, we do NOT disclose home addresses

Other Information

  • Parents/Guardians - Leanne
  • Interests - Rossi loves Minecraft - watching it, playing it, building it and talking about it! His favourite gamer on YouTube is DanTDM and iBallisticSquid! He also loves Super Mario maker and anything to do with Mario or Yoshi. Loves rugby and motorbikes, anything to do with Lego. Loves going away to the beach, camping. creating and building things. He absolutely loves paw patrol and PJ masks. He's a complete Nerf nerd and loves his plushies
  • Favourite Colour - Turquoise blue
  • Able to read? - Yes
  • Able to use hands? - Yes
  • Visually/hearing impaired? - No
  • Suffers from any developmental delay? - No

Siblings - aged 3 to 16 wishing to receive post

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About - Rossi S

Story written 2016

Rossi was diagnosed with ALL on Friday 21st March 2014 when he was 4 years old. He was always a happy, bright and smiley little boy, but for some time he’d been backwards and forwards to the doctors and hospital with unexplained illnesses, fevers and always feeling tired.

Even when we found a lump in his groin they gave us different types of antibiotics, convinced it was just his lymph glands. The crunch came when he was in extreme pain for 10 hours, nothing would help and then he just couldn’t walk or move. We got rushed in for a biopsy and got the devastating news the next morning.

Throughout all of this my little hero never stopped laughing or smiling and making other people happy. He is forever thinking of how to help others and is always making people laugh on the ward with his cheeky grin and infectious laugh. He always wants to take things in for the other children to cheer them up like a present or a cake. I’m so proud of his strength and courage despite his daily struggles.

Our end of treatment date is 20th May 2017 and can’t come soon enough

Update 15th February 2017

Rossi has been really poorly for the last few weeks and had a week in hospital with a line infection. He’s lost a lot of weight because he won’t eat anymore so he’s also just had a nose tube fitted.

We are so close to end of treatment. 20th may will hopefully bring the good news we are waiting for.

Rossi absolutely loves getting his post and It really does lift his spirits and make him feel special.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to write to him.

Thanks for all your hard work x

Update 18th August 2016

A huge thanks to everyone who has sent mail to Rossi it really does cheer him up. We’ve had a few visits to hospital, a nasty bug and a blood transfusion but other than that he’s doing really well at the moment and looking forward to going back to school and seeing his friends.