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  • Parents/Guardians - Donna and Jay
  • Interests - Finley Loves playing his XBox, karate, football, Super Cars, dogs/pugs, Rick and Morty, Movies, Sour sweets, chocolate and collecting Funko POPs
  • Favourite Colour - Purple and Green
  • Able to read? - Yes
  • Able to use hands? - Yes
  • Visually/hearing impaired? - No
  • Suffers from any developmental delay? - No

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About - Finley J

Story Written 2018

Finley was diagnosed on 1st March 2016, aged 6 years, with anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) a rare type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). Like all lymphomas, it’s a cancer of the lymphatic system, which is part of the body’s immune system.
A programme was immediately put into place and Finley started intense chemotherapy which lasted for six months. Finley responded really well to treatment and he rang the End of Treatment Bell on 11th August 2016 and was in remission for 15 months with bi-monthly visits back to the hospital for check ups.
On 11th October 2017 it was sadly confirmed that Finley had relapsed and the cancer was back. This time his treatment programme will continue for two years with chemotherapy treatment once a week. You can follow Finley’s Journey here, we will be posting regular updates of his treatments and what he is getting up to as a normal everyday 7 year old boy!

Update 25th June 2022

As Finley is doing so well we think it’s times for him to move on. We just want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts, to each and every one of you for all of Finleys wonderful post and for supporting him through his journey these last few year. It has meant so much to us and Finley. It has helped put a smile on his face even in the darkest days of his journey. Great memories made that we will cherish for ever.

Thank you so much Post Pals you’re amazing 

Update 11th November 2021

Finley is doing well, he started secondary school in September and is enjoying it. He also got his yellow belt in Karate last month. This is really good for him to help build his strength in his muscles and also help build his confidence. He also had MRI scan last month which was clear with no evidence of disease. Legs and feet are still a struggle and still causes him pain and discomfort, he had new in soles made last week to see if that helps. The last ones made no difference so fingers crossed these will help. He has physiotherapy every 4 weeks with home exercise too.

Thank you all so much for your lovely post and continued support, it really is appreciated and it really does make Finley happy 🙂

Update 20th June 2021

Finley is doing well, he is back at school and enjoying time with his friends. His last MRI was clear with no unexpected lumps or bumps, he has another one next month and they will continue with every 3 month MRI and reviews. Finley does find them really hard to do as they are an hour long, he does get quite anxious about these, but this is the best way to check him over and make sure nothing is missed out. 

His feet still cause him problems which holds him back. He is now back having physiotherapy and also has special insoles for his shoes to help him walk with more comfort. 

Finley has recently started karate to help build his strength up. He finds it tough but he is really enjoying it. 

Thank you to everyone that has sent Finley post and has kept his spirit up.

Update 30th August 2020

Finley has been doing really well lately, we haven’t had any unexpected hospital stays since June. He was admitted for 4 days with severe tonsillitis again. His feet are still a big problem, they cause him a lot of pain when out and is stopping him from doing activities. He has been given exercises to do at home to try and help. His anxiety did get a lot better during lockdown, but know things are changing he’s starting to feel very anxious and upset. We are working on this too with his therapist. 

His is due a MRI this months to make sure there is NED and then he will have a follow up appointment with his consultant for a review. 

Thank you for all the lovely post it really has put smiles on his face, we are so grateful to all of you. 

Update 17th May 2020

Finley was due to finish treatment on the 6th November 2019, after another long 2 years of treatment, but sadly treatment lasted a bit longer than expected, because Finley’s end of treatment scan was showing something on his chest. His consultant thought the cancer was back and put him straight back onto weekly chemotherapy. This was a terrible time for Finley and his anxiety went through the roof. He had further scans but the only way to confirm if it was disease was to do a biopsy. This was going to be tricky as it was right behind the chest bone, but surgery went well.

On Christmas Eve we had the best news that the biopsy was negative and Finley could stop treatment. Finley rang the End Of Treatment Bell on 24th January 2020.

It has been one hell of a rollercoaster these last 4 years with many struggles throughout, but Finley has been AMAZING as always. He will be kept a close eye on with 2-3 monthly MRI scans and check-ups. His energy levels are slowly increasing, his immune system is low, but will build up to normal again over the next 6 months. He is really suffering with anxiety too, but we are working on that. The strength in his legs and feet are still very weak, not sure how much damage has been done yet, only time will tell. Finley has full body MRI scan due end of May, so we have everything crossed for that.

He is coping ok with lockdown, keeping busy playing games, baking, making Tik Toks, movie nights and playing his X box

Thank you to everyone that has sent post it really does make a difference and brings smiles and happiness to Finley, it really is appreciated ❤️

You can follow Finley on Facebook and see what he’s  been getting up to @ Finleys Journey

Update 13th November 2019

We are now on week 100 of treatment and have recently changed from weekly chemotherapy to fortnightly. This has made such a difference to Finley, he is doing great, his levels are good and we haven’t had any unexpected hospital stays for a while.

 Finley is going to school most days as much as he can, he does get tired, so we take it day by day. He is enjoying going to school and being with friends and learning new topics, he loves history. 

 He has also gone up a stage in his swimming lesson and got his 25 metre badge. 

His feet are still a big problem for him and they do hold him back from doing things, which does get him down when he can’t keep up with friends or walk very far. This is one of the many side effects of the type of chemotherapy Finley has. 

Thank you to everyone that has sent post, Finley really enjoys getting it, it really does bring BIG smiles to his face, it’s very much appreciated. 

You can follow Finley on Facebook and see what he’s  been getting up to @ Finleys Journey 

Update 4th March 2019

Finley has been doing well lately. He hasn’t had any unexpected hospital stays since November but is still going to hospital once a week for his weekly chemotherapy. He is now on week 70 of weekly Vinblastine. Finley has grown a bit over the last few months and has put on a little weight which is brilliant, but this meant his chemo needed to increase too. The first few weeks were tough for him, the increase made him more tired and it really effected the muscle in his legs and feet again, which was very painful for him to walk and be active. Also his liver did not like the increase, his ALT went up so we had to keep a closer eye on that and increase Finley’s water intake to 2 litres a day which is really helping and his ALT has gone down.

Finley is going to school most days at the moment. He isn’t doing full days but he goes and does the best he can which is fantastic. He has also recently started back at swimming lessons once a week to build up the muscles in his legs, he absolutely loves it. He can’t wait to start riding his bike again too.

Thank you so much to everyone that has sent post. Finley really enjoys getting it and it puts a massive smile on his face, which puts a smile on our face. It is very much appreciated by us all.

Update 22nd July 2018

Since Finley had his line removed and changed to a port he hasn’t had any infections, which is great. Finley has had a few hospital stays due to having tonsillitis twice in one month and needed IV antibiotics to get rid of it.

Finley’s treatment is going well, but one of the many side effects from the chemotherapy he is on, effects his nerves and muscles in his hands, feet and legs. This is very painful for Finley and he finds it difficult to walk some days. His chemo dose was reduced for a few weeks to try and give him a break, which did help and was a much needed break for him after 6 months of continuous weekly chemo. He is now back up to full dose chemo and is having physiotherapy to help strengthen his muscles.

Finley has been popping in and out of school when he feels up to it, which he has really enjoyed seeing his friends.

Thank you to everyone that has sent post, it really brightens up Finley’s day and puts a big smile on his face. It is all very much appreciated.

Update 6th March 2018

Finley has been staying in hospital more than expected the last few months, as he kept spiking temperatures and was unwell with infections in his central line. His consultants made the decision early February to have surgery and remove his central line and give him a 2 week break before putting in a new one. Finley now has a new line,but this time he has gone for the Port. Since this has been done Finley has been feeling a lot better and has a bit more energy.
Finley is still not back to school,but hoping he will be able to go back half days in the next few weeks.
Finley is currently having home schooling when he doesn’t have to be at hospital,which he is enjoying.