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  • Arzoo 18/04/2006
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      Likes football, fashion and shoes.
  • Azaan 02/02/2015
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      Likes football, music, Paw Patrol and super heros
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About - Anoosha M

Any food sent to siblings must be halal and suitable for vegetarians.

Anoosha is a 4 year old full of life. She was 11 days old when she was diagnosed with a heart condition (TOF). By the age of 4 months she had her 3rd open heart surgery. When she was 4 months old her bowel twisted and she needed emergency surgery called a Ladd’s procedure. At the age of 1 she started breaking her bones  just by us picking her up and was diagnosed with Rickets. Since the age of 1 she has been completely TPN (IV feeding) dependent for 24 hours a day. All her medication has to be given by IV straight into her heart.

When she was 3 she had a cardiac arrest and ended up in intensive care for three weeks. She now has a loop recorder fitted in her heart to monitor her heart rate. She has had about 5 intensive care visits due to arrests or line infections.

She has a gastrostomy on free drainage and a disconnected stoma. She is due to have her colon out in the next few weeks.

Anoosha has been in hospital for a long time.

Update 22nd December 2022

Today our princess Anoosha lost her long 9 year battle. She has returned to the Lord. Anoosha was the sassiest, bravest little girl I had ever met. She fought through every setback like a soldier. She brought joy to so many lives.

Update 4th October 2022

Anoosha remains in hospital. She has been bouncing in and out of PICU, HDU and onto the main ward. 

Update 24th March 2022

Anoosha is 8 months post bowel transplant and is still in the hospital. We have different hurdles to get over but we are getting there.

Anoosha remains her smiley, cheeky self and is thriving.

She currently has a separate peg for free drainage and a Jej for feeds. She still has her central line and is on fluids overnight. Her stoma was not able to be reversed and we never got a large bowel transplant.

This child amazes me every day with her strength and courage. Even when in pain she smiled through it.

Next step is hopefully to get her walking after they do her Achilles surgery but fingers crossed home before that.

Update 4th June 2021

First of all I want to say a massive thank you to Anoosha’s donor family where ever they may be. Your selfless act has given my princess a chance to live. So much love to you guys.

I am so proud to be Anooshas mum, this girl is seriously something else. She never fails to make me smile.

A huge thank you to my husband and kids. We had no choice in this but you kept us going. 7 years we have been split as a family and our bond is stronger than ever. 

Update 2nd June 2021

She finally came out of theatre at about 4.30am and she’s in intensive care. The surgeon said they were only able to get a small bowel and a partial stomach in as there wasn’t any room. Her abdomen has been left open for now.

Update 2nd June 2021

So today Anoosha got her transplant call. Anoosha is currently sitting in her gown waiting to go down (should go by 7ish) Can everyone please pray the transplant goes smoothly. I don’t even know where I’m suppose to be and only one parent is allowed. 

Update 21st August 2020

Anoosha has been in hospital for the past 5 years with most of it in Great Ormond Street Hospital.  We are current on our 8th month in GOSH. All she craves for is a quality of life with her family. Anoosha is constantly septic, which weakens her completely and puts her back. 

Update 1st October 2019

Currently still active on the transplant list. We have been an inpatient in our local hospital since April awaiting nurses for home. Infection in the line is still a battle and she is always on antibiotics.
She is a very happy little 5 year old who loves life. Whilst an inpatient she is able to go to our local hospice for 2 mornings a week.
She is becoming more aware of her problems now and she questions why she is always in hospital and why she can’t eat!
She always looks forward to receiving mail and opening presents.

Update 3rd April 2019

Anoosha has now been active on the transplant list for six months. She’s awaiting small & large bowel, liver, stomach and pancreas. She’s been an inpatient at Great Ormond Street Hospital for 2 years now. She is constantly fighting sepsis (almost every 2-3 weeks).

She is waiting to start immunoglobulin treatment.

I want to thank everyone who is sending mail out. We just need the transplant call to come quick.