Our Pal - Amy O

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C/O 48 The Beeches

WS15 2QZ

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Other Information

  • Parents/Guardians - Natalie
  • Interests - Amy loves Disney, Lego, music, make up and fairies.
  • Favourite Colour - Pink
  • Able to read? - A little
  • Able to use hands? - Yes
  • Visually/hearing impaired? - No
  • Suffers from any developmental delay? - No

Siblings - aged 3 to 16 wishing to receive post

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About - Amy O

Story written 2017

In August 2014 when Amy was 7, she was diagnosed with childhood cancer neuroblastoma. A growth attached to her adrenal gland was found after a scan to find out why she kept having water infections. More tests were done and thankfully it had not spread. In November 2014 Amy was admitted to Birmingham Children’s hospital for an operation to remove the tumour, which was successful and she recovered well. She had to have regular scans to check for any relapse.

Up until November 2016 at the age of 9 and after two years of being clear, a routine scan showed it had returned in her pelvis, and chemotherapy was to start straight away. On 19th December Amy started chemo: she is still fighting and does it with a smile.

Update 10th February 2019

Amy is doing really well she has got to ring the end of treatment bell and is progressing well. She still visits hospital regularly and has scans done as she is very high risk of relapse due to not being able to finish treatment with stem cell transplant.

Update 10th January 2018

Amy has just finished chemotherapy and now is on six months of maintenance therapy and then hopefully by July she will get to ring the end of treatment bell. Amy loves receiving mail from post pals and waits most days for the postman.

Update 21st August 2017

Amy has just started her next round of chemotherapy and hopefully her last. She will be having 6 rounds, each round is five days of treatment with two weeks off in-between. She is doing really well so far after her first five days on chemotherapy.