Two new ways to help!

Mar 21, 2008

We are launching 2 projects this week to make it even easier to make a sick child smile! We ran them a couple of years ago and found them a big success with both volunteers and Pals enjoying it!

Project 1) Print 1 sheet a week. Do you have time to print 1 sheet of paper a week? If so then this is for you! You will be assigned a child and once a week a word document containing a card and message will be emailed to you. All you have to do is simply hit print, fold the card, sign your name and pop it in the post to your assigned child. It’s really as simple as that and it would guarantee every Pal and sibling a piece of post a week. To take part please email Lorna with your name, email address, how many children you would like to write to and if you would prefer a young or older child.

Project 2) Could you commit to sending 1 piece of post every 2 weeks? We are looking for volunteers so every Pal and sibling will have someone assigned to them. We have found both poster and child really benefit from hearing from someone regularly, especially the siblings, who often don’t get as much attention as the ill child. This is a longer term commitment, although not strict, so if you miss a week it doesn’t matter. To take part email Emma with your name, email address and how many children you would like to be assigned to.

Please forward this onto friends and post on message boards/blogs etc as we have a lot of children these days!

NB: If you have taken part in these schemes in the past, we are starting them from afresh, so you will be re-assigned to someone.