Thank you to Cause Corps

Mar 21, 2015

A big thank you to everyone at Cause Corps for sending our Pals postcards all the way from Australia 🙂


“Recently the Cause Corps team went out to the University of New South Wales to pursue our ’25 Acts of Good Campaign’. Cause Corps connects micro-volunteers and volunteering organisations, with impact and purpose. We were really excited about the good that Post Pals is doing, and wanted to assist.

We encountered scores of students who were more than happy to write postcards with iconic Australian features on them, in the spirit of doing good and cheering up a child all the way from the UK.

Following the event our team got together and filtered out the ones that were appropriate to send following the guidelines set out on the website. I have attached a photo below of the postcards that we ended up receiving after our day at the university, taken by one of our wonderful team members Phillip.

The Cause Corps team would love to contribute more to Post Pals in the future.”