Summer Smiles for Shielding Families

Mar 21, 2021

Many of us have been looking forward to June when Covid restrictions will be eased but for families with a seriously ill child they face a second summer strictly shielding at home. Charity days out, respite stays, time at school and external carers have all had to be cancelled and their siblings lives have been heavily restricted so they don’t bring the virus home with them. The majority of the parents we support are now suffering with depression and struggling to cope. The children are fed up and bored.

Post Pals has never known as many families to be as close to breaking point as they are now, we can’t change the need to shield but we want to bring some joy to the families this summer with a tailored package of happiness!  We are aiming to raise £200 for every one of our 50 shielding families and let them chose what would make them happiest over the summer. 

Our Pal Rachel is 17, the last time she left the house for anything other than the hospital was Feb 2020. There is no end in sight and she has to shield indefinitely with nothing to look forward to, she can’t even see her extended family. She is on immune suppressants following her heart transplant, she also has a rare degenerative genetic disorder that causes a lot of pain and it’s given her depression. Rachel would like some new Switch games, she has insomnia and playing on her Switch at night keeps her distracted from the pain. She would also love a big box of Cadbury chocolate buttons and to chose a take away from Nando’s!


Tayen is 9 and has a terminal brain tumour which has left her blind. The past year should of been spent having lots of fun experiences in-between rounds of Chemo but she has had to shield.  Tayen has been asking her parents for a trampoline for months (both fun and great physio) and she would also love some accessible garden toys and some baking kits as she loves to bake, especially chocolate cakes! 

Isla is 10 and is frequently in hospital. Isla’s immune system is too poor to mix with others and she had to stop her 2 hours a day of school as she doesn’t have the energy. She has never been able to eat and instead is fed via her IV but her biggest joy is baking for other people. She would like lots of new baking equipment, some ingredients and to spend her summer baking up a storm!

Jack is 15, he has a tracheostomy and infection leaves him on a ventilator in ICU so his family have been carefully shielding. His Mum said he would love some sensory items and a piece of equipment to help with his hip pain.

We have 50 shielding families and we’re looking for help to raise the money for their summer smiles. We will be able to keep you updated on how it’s spent for every single family and even share some photos of the summer smiles!