Spread some love this valentines!

Feb 3, 2009

With Valentines just around the corner Post Pals are hoping to spread some love! Everyone likes to get Valentines cards and our Pals and siblings are no exception. So why not grab a card, or fold some paper and draw some hearts, pop a big ? in it, and send it off!

We always have less post being sent at this time of year and normally there isn’t much we can do as although Post Pals sends out as much as possible we are restricted by lack of funds. We are still restricted by lack of funds, however, after several of you donated or fundraised last year we have been able to send lots of goodies out recently. We hunt around to find the best offers and for companies who offer free postage. This year all the parents have been sent chocolates (parents need smiles too!), girls (including siblings) have been sent big chocolate scented candles which look like the real thing, the boys (including siblings) have had football bathbombs, lots of Pals have had books which match their favourite films/characters/interests, 2 children have had big balloons, several have received quilts, and thanks to Jo Magdalena the girls have had jewellery too. Needless to say, lots of smiles have been created.

Despite this we really do need more people to log on and send a message, be it an email or a card, and valentines day is a great way to spread some love without having to write a long message

We hope our UK volunteers are keeping warm in all this snow!

Keep Smiling!