Samantha H and Nicole D say ‘Thanks!’

Mar 19, 2008

We have a received a lovely message from Samantha H saying” Thank you to everybody in the whole wide world for all their cards and presents!” and it really made us smile!

I’ve just finished reading Nicole D‘s book ‘The way I see it’ which was published earlier this year. On the inside cover is a picture of Nicole in a pink wig which Post Pals managed to find for her. She said she would like one, so we hunted around and found the company Sparkly Strawberry who kindly provided seven – plus a pink hat which Nicole is wearing on the back cover! At the end of the book it has a paragraph about Post Pals which says;

I joined Post Pals in 2006. It’s a website for poorly children and the aim is to ‘post a smile on a sick child’s face’. Each ‘Pal’ has their own page with their details, things they like, updates and forwarding address. Anyone can write to them or sent them a gift to cheer them up when they’re ill. Post Pals was set up in 2004 by five teenagers who all have health problems, with two of them being bedbound. They’re all volunteers and spend a lot of time sending post to the ‘Pals’. I’ve received letters, cards and presents from all over the world. I got a lot of post when I relapsed. I made a comment on my website that i wanted to get a pink wig, and someone sent me seven in different styles and shades of pink – one for each day of the week – and a pink cowboy hat. It really did make me smile. I was also sent ‘Chemo duck’, who is the coolest duck ever. He has little pyjamas on, and when you open his top he has a plaster on under it. When you take that off, he has a little plastic Hickman line in his chest. He also has a bandanna because he has lost all his feathers, bless him. Another one of my favourite things is that someone adopted a monkey for me in North Carolina. That’s something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember, as monkeys are my favourite animal. Post Pals is a fantastic site, and does a great job. If you have a spare five minutes, write to a child and help make them smile!

It’s true what they say, sometimes it’s the little things in life that are important. For Nicole this meant a pink wig, and for Chloe K this currently means earrings. She desperately wants to have her ears pierced but the doctor’s won’t allow it and her Mum was unable to find any clip on ones for her. Cue Post Pal volunteers to spring into action, hunting around the Internet and shops then sending magnetic ones. Chloe can now wear earrings just like her friends.