Red Cross Award

Nov 20, 2009

I am very happy (and honoured) to say that I won an award from the Red Cross this week. It is the “2009’s Humanitarian Citizen Award” for my Post Pal work. I was very, VERY shocked to say the least! We all had photographs taken of us wearing superhero masks and it probably won’t surprise you to know we asked to take them all home for the Pals as they are the true heroes!

On other Post Pal news, I have given a couple of talks lately to Effingham Villagers and Box Hill Villagers. Thank you to them for inviting me and for their donations and at the end we all did a postcard writing session. Thank you also to Solo’s (a sub group of Effingham Villagers) who made a donation too. For the talk I did a slideshow about Post Pals, the first half contains some upsetting images, but the second is full of smiles. Make sure you have your speakers on.

We have been busy spending the donations! A little box of chocolates have been sent to all the Post Pal parents and we are working on getting a gift to all 130 children too. Once we have finished sending a gift to everyone, we will start all over again.

Paul Tomkins, who is an author of many books about Liverpool FC, met Rafael Benitez last month and he signed one of Paul’s books, which Paul then very kindly auctioned for us!

Due to donations, we are pleased to be launching a new scheme shortly which I will post more info about soon.

Harry’s family have also been very busy with their PJ Parade fundraiser, but I will wait until the final count has been done and then update their own page about that.

Please keep sending post as November is often a quiet month but the kids are in need of smiles right now as much as any other time.