Re-home an unwanted Christmas gift

Dec 25, 2016

Did you or your children receive a gift that wasn’t too your taste, a duplicate or you simply have too much? Post Pals is asking people to re-home a gift with a seriously ill child, their sibling or parent to make them smile.

Simply log onto, read the children stories (most have cancer, going through transplants or have rare genetic conditions) and send the item direct to the child. Post Pals also supports siblings as they go through so much and the parents.

Post Pals is also holding a big raffle to raise funds to hold a party for the children so if you don’t think your item is suitable please still get in touch.

If you have a gift and don’t know which child/parent to pick please email and she will suggest a child.

Please share this with all your friends and family.

Thank you!

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