Post Pals Party 2018 Appeal

Jun 18, 2018

On July 7th we are holding our annual party which this year celebrates our 15th birthday! The party isn’t a fundraising event, its a day for children of all ages and abilities to join in and have lots of fun. Lots of families say its the highlight of their year and the one day they feel they fit in and don’t have to worry about anything.

We need your help though! Could you help sponsor an item or tick something off our wish list please?

  • Giant slide £100
  • Obstacle pirate ship £150
  • Disco Dome £100
  • Bouncy Castle £100
  • Sandpit with treasure to discover £60
  • 6 characters including Princesses £200
  • Chips for 100 people £100
  • Ice-creams (or ice-cream bubbles) £100
  • Small buffet £250
  • Memorial butterfly release £350
  • Massive themed sweet buffet £200
  • Mocktails including palm slushy cups £250
  • Helium canister £80
  • Giant prizes £150
  • Other prizes £100
  • Decorations and theming £100
  • Cake decorating £70
  • Candy kits £300
  • Birthday present and cake for a child at the party on their birthday £30
  • Travel expenses and Travelodge for small families £100
  • Travel expenses and Travelodge for large families £160

We also have an Amazon wish list of items here

If you could help sponsor an item or contribute towards something (donations of any size appreciated!)  we have a Justgiving page here or email for our bank account details. We are also looking for raffle prizes which the children win (not for fund-raising purposes).

We can put any thank you’s to any businesses or individuals who sponsor an item.

We will leave you with a few photos from previous parties.

Thank you!

Holly party

Ella Party

Brave at the party

Post Pal memorial butterfly release