March 2007

Mar 31, 2007

I’m afraid we have to start this news entry with some sad news. Amelia P passed away on the 17th of March. She was very weak for her last two weeks, but still managed to ask her Nanny every day if any post had arrived. A volunteer described Amelia as a “bundle of sunshine” and we couldn’t agree more.

On other news, Milford-on-Sea Primary school held a mufti day and part of the proceeds have kindly been donated to Post Pals. The £135 raised will be used for postage to send out lots of cards and gifts. Year 5 and 6 were also introduced to Post Pals in their ICT lesson and wrote some letters. A huge thank you to everyone at Milford-on-Sea Primary school for their support and for creating so many smiles!

On news about our Pals, we are pleased to be able to say that Jack M and Summer have finally finished their chemotherapy. Lauren K has moved on from Post Pals, and there is a change of address for Lucy P and Anna Mae C. Anna Mae recently sent us this – thank you Anna-Mae!

We are introducing a new feature on the news page, the ‘story behind the photograph’.

When James was let out of hospital after being diagnosed and his first part of treatment, we sent him and Philippa (his sister) some cake mix. They had great fun making them – the kit only cost 99p with £1.50 postage – but the smiles are truly priceless. The photo beneath acted as inspiration to the team in our early days and helped us keep going.