How Post Pals helps Ebonie

Feb 25, 2017

We received this lovely message from Ebonie’s Mum;

“Today, Ebonie and myself spent the best part of an hour going through a delivery from Post Pals. Opening each letter and reading them aloud to Ebonie. We sit and speak about them, she asks questions, we learn and understand.

For Ebonie to receive  letter in the post means the absolute world. The excitement, her face lights up, she has a smile from ear to ear, and to Ebonie she has made a new friend.

This delivery is why we love Post Pals, its not about amount spent, its not about sending a toy. Its all about the thought, the little touches and its about making it personal and special.

Ebonie fairy post

We are extremely thankful to all at Post Pals that dedicate their time.”

Ebonie post

If you would like to send Ebonie a smile in the post you can through her page.