Eleanor’s fundraiser

Jul 26, 2011

As I’m typing our Pal Eleanor who is 9 has been in theatre for 4 hours having her legs operated on. She came up with an idea to raise fund for Post Pals and we need your help to both raise funds and make her smile!

Eleanor will have to have both legs in plaster casts for a while (pink of course!). She is hoping people will pay £1 to have their name or a sticker of their choice on her plaster casts with all the money going to Post Pals who have supported her through her up’s and down’s with muscular dystrophy and cardiomyopathy including her major brain surgery earlier in the year.

Her Mum set up a page about it on Facebook here. You can sponsor her through her page or to the Paypal address her Mum set up for it is angelzarzu@hotmail.com.

Please help Elle turn this negative experience into something positive by adding your name to her pink casts!

Photo of Eleanor at the Post Pal party in June

Update – Elle had her surgery, she was in a lot of pain following it but wasted no time in getting everyone on the ward to start signing her casts! She is now in her hospice while recovering, please add your name to her casts to make her smile and in turn enable us to make other poorly children like Elle smile.

Out of theatre and already smiling!

Will you add your name?