Doing something positive in memory of Alice

Jan 13, 2013

Please read this and share with friends and post on forums/blogs/Twitter/Facebook Today is a sad day with losing Alice P but let’s spend the day doing something positive like Alice would of been doing. Could we get a piece of post sent to every single Post Pal child today? Lets make the kids smile like Alice did. Just grab a pen, write a card or letter or go to sites like Funky Pigeon/Moonpig and send one to a child. Choose a child from our long list here and if your not sure what to write or send check out our guide here. Leave us a message in the guest book if you have sent something so everyone can see how many children have been made smile. Also if you are healthy and haven’t already please join the bone marrow register, you could save someone’s life it only takes a bit of salvia in a set your sent in the post or look up bone marrow donation in your country. To order a spit kit click here

Let’s keep Alice’s kindness going!