Could you help sponsor a project?

Feb 11, 2009

Post Pals aims to send out regular post, but we need your help to make it possible. Could you, someone you know, a local business, club, charity or church help sponsor a project or part of the project? We are careful to hunt around to find things that the children will love but which are also as cheep as possible, we would like to send the following but need your help.

Fiber Optic Fingers– fiber optic lights which slip onto your fingers and flash, allowing you to dance, wave your arms around and make pretty patterns, they are enjoyed by both children and adults so will be suitable for all of our Pals and siblings. To send these to all the children will cost £263.720 I know it sounds a lot but we are helping 112 children and that includes postage.

Growing eggs – special coloured “eggs” which you crack and then water, in time a special plant grows in 7-10 days which has a message attached- they are quite remarkable! Its not suitable for every child so it will cost £215

“Cuddles” the bear – a 27cm cuddly teddy bear, sure to become a child’s best friend. Again its not for everyone so will cost £179

Sweet cone – A cone bag stuffed full of sweets and a couple of toys too! It will cost £132

Beatrix Potter Cards – some of the Pals like to send cards to other children as they know how much it makes them smile, some even spend their pocket money on each other which we think is really sweet, others like to send Thank you’s. To enable them to continue we would like to send them a lovely box with 30 Beatrix Potter cards in. This would cost £74.75 THANK YOU TO MILLY P AND ALICE P’S FAMILY FOR SPONSORING THIS PROJECT

Crazy Balloon Modelling kit – the name gives it away but a kit complete with balloons, pump and instructions. This would cost £199

Wordsearch mug– its often hard finding presents for the older boys but we thought they might like a wordsearch mug with special pen. This would be £39.80

Butterfly Wind chime– a giant wind chime which is over 1 meter tall which goes in your garden, perfect for girls or children who enjoy sensory items. £199.50

Dog and Cat Magnets – a set of magnets in the shape of dogs or cats depending on which the child prefers. £199

Special keyring – you fill the keyring with water and sit back and watch. The frog one magically turns into a prince, a duckling turns into a swan and for older children you can grow some bamboo inside one! £294.56

As you can see costs soon add up which is why we are hoping that you might be able to help. If your a business/club/charity we can put links up to your website and thank you.

Although the above are a lot, donations of any size are appreciated, with just 50p we can send a postcard and create a smile.

There are several ways you can donate so please see our donate page.

Thank you!