A busy day!

Oct 22, 2008

Saturday was a very busy day for Post Pals as volunteers congregated in Viks’ house to spend the day choosing, wrapping, bubble wrapping, brown papering, weighing and stamping up parcels for 116 children! We didn’t quite make it through all the children but we got through 13 pages out of 16 A4 pages of details! There will be lots of smiles in the next week or so as the parcels arrive with the Pals and their siblings. Luckily Ellie’s fundraiser has been going well as the weekend cost over £200 (that’s not including the gifts as we already had them) – I think Post Pals keeps Royal Mail afloat!

A big thank you to Jan, Corrine, Lise, Teresa, Dawn and Steve (my parents) and Tania, Nina, Jack and 3 year old Ella (who helped choose coloured balls for the children) from Georgies Fund for all their help. I think everyone went home tired and aching from doing so much wrapping but the smiles will be worth it!

Thank you also to James (who is volunteering for Post Pals as part of his Duke of Edingbourgh Award) and Annie for their help in parceling up Halloween costumes earlier in the week.

I will be posting the details for the Christmas scheme’s in a couple of days time so please check back.