January 2017 – Toasted Marshmallow Sets

Mar 27, 2017 by: extra smiles

We wanted to brighten up the ‘January blues’ by sending our pals something different and unique. So for January’s Extra Smiles Project we decided to send out toasting marshmallow kits. We thought that these sets would be perfect for our pals as most of them have a sweet tooth so we knew that they would enjoy these delicious treats for sure! The sets included the burner itself as well as different flavoured marshmallow sweets ready to toast. We had some excellent feedback from running this Extra Smiles Project. Holly’s Mum sent us in a ‘Thank You’ email which we would love to share with you all…

‘Just want to say a massive thank you to The Extra Smiles Team for the amazing marshmallow toasting kit. Holly has been struggling lots lately as she can’t maintain her temperature so has been unable to get out. When this kit arrived, it really made us all smile so much and as you can see by Holly’s eyes, she was smiling all the way through. Thank you for creating these very special moments for us. Lots of Love From, Holly S and Family xxx’

Below are some wonderful photos of some the smiles that this project helped to create. We make the most out of every single donation given to Post Pals and put great thought into what monthly gifts we send out to our pals. With your help and kindness, these Extra Smiles Projects become a reality for our pals and help them smile during difficult times. A very special ‘THANK YOU’ to every single one of you who helps make a difference to Post Pals!!!

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