Milo L

29 June 2022

Milo is currently undergoing treatment for B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. He was diagnosed in November 2021 after he didn’t bounce back from a chest infection as expected. He was refusing to walk, was very pale, had gone off his food and had a rash. His GP sent us over to the hospital for some blood tests. It was then we were told the devastating news that Milo has Leukaemia. This was made especially difficult as his little brother was due in 6 weeks later.

Like the true superstar he is, Milo has coped with his treatment and the arrival of his baby brother beautifully. In May 2022 Milo has entered maintenance treatment and is starting back at nursery for a couple of days a week in July.

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Tona-May L

26 June 2022

**Please do not send food or drink to the whole family**

Tona was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in October 2019 at age 14. She went through the first 6 months of treatment with relatively few side effects and went into remission. Sadly within 4 months she relapsed and had to have stronger chemo which made her hair fall out for the second time as well as making her much more tired and nauseous. Once no signs of cancer was detected Tona had a stem cell transplant to raise her chances of remaining in remission. Sadly; due to the intensity of chemo given before a stem cell transplant; Tona’s gut shut down and she also suffered a septic episode. She did recover from this and came home. She was still tube fed, having digestive issues and quite weak but enjoyed 5 weeks at home. Tona then caught salmonella from an unknown source and her already sensitive gut just shut down. She was admitted to hospital and also found to have a line infection. Despite antibiotics, within a week Tona developed sepsis and needed retrieving to the most local PICU to be stabilised.

Since this time (May 2021) Tona has not had a night home. After several attempts to re try feeding and several more septic episodes; Tona was able to come back to our local hospital on TPN which is nutrition into her bloodstream. Tona still has frequent episodes of septsis and has very few areas of access left in her body. 

Due to limited chances of being able to get her gut to work again without significant trauma and high risk; Tona has chosen not to pursue this and instead enjoy the time she has left with her family and friends making memories and then returning to the hospital each day for nutrition and medication. 

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Aria H

09 June 2022

**Please do not send sweets or chocolate to Aria**

Aria started to suffer with DIPG symptoms in September 2020 but she wasn’t diagnosed until May 2021, on her birthday.

She had 13 sessions of radiotherapy and she regained her walking. She had a year of being an active normal child.

Sadly the tumour has started to grow again and she is having radiotherapy again. She is having 10 sessions.

Aria’s dream is to go to Disney. Maybe one day we can take her if she gets better.

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